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The Docherty Files

Following a request from Brian and Janice Docherty we have removed all UK Column reports on the plight of the Docherty family and the loss of their children to the Irish / UK State.

On their behalf, the UK Column team would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all those people who were kind enough to donate money for Brian and Janice.

Your generosity paid for food, accommodation and travel, allowing Brian and Janice to have some respite from the State and a life in hiding and / or on the road.

More recently individuals have freely given accommodation within their own homes and this was an especially generous gesture.

We wish Brian and Janet well with their plans and hope that they are re-united with their children as soon as possible.

We know that by reporting this case we have once again highlighted the vicious nature of the Irish and UK 'child care', police and 'justice' systems which have awarded themselves the power to steal children from loving, blameless parents.

As I write this Melanie Shaw, the immensely brave, Beechwood child abuse whistleblower from Nottingham, is still in prison and has now spent the best part of 12 months in solitary confinement. Aside from being incarcerated in clearly inhumane conditions for whistleblowing on her own abuse and that of many others, Melanie has also had her son taken by Nottingham Social Services.

These cases are the tip of an iceberg, and unless a great many good people stand up to be counted, no family or child within UK is safe from the predatory actions of the UK State, and the child abusers whose abuses it clearly facilitates and protects, to the highest political and establishment levels.

Thank you once again to the people who cared, donated and acted.

Brian Gerrish