UK Column News - 15th July 2016

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Scott with today's UK Column News, including:

START Renewed push for the rapid breakup of the United Kingdom
04:05 ‘Preservation of the Union’ : false rhetoric to cover the threat
06:21 Nice Massacre – latest in a long line of systemic terror events
07:34 “France has to learn to live with terrorism…” says PM Valls
07:42 Hollande utilises manufactured fear as a pretext for Intrigue
13:29 Andrea Leadsom says Abuse-Sadism is the preserve of Men
15:43 British Children are at a Severe level of Risk from the State
18:51 Dochertys : fearful statist officers in the Full Haste of Flight
20:37 Live Research Material from David Scott : Police Scotland
24:59 Illegal obstruction of Legitimate scrutiny & Real Questions
27:18 Live Research Material II : Luke Boddice (public relations)
32:47 Is this comparable? Brain family receives Massive publicity
36:25 First Director of UK Children Services : one Gordon Jeyes
40:13 Primary School Massacre : This Individual & Dunblane. . .
44:05 ‘Transformation of Children Services’ with Louise Morpeth
48:36 Meeting with the loftiest of Bankers : Debt to destroy people