UK Column News - 1st July 2016

Brian Gerrish and David Scott present today's UK Column News, including:

START    the Dutch want their own EU Referendum : Dexit?
2:51      corruption & the privatisation of the Land Registry
4:06      another Prime Ministerial appears in Michael Gove
5:24      state-controlled broadcaster pushes wild lies ( BBC )
11:27    petition to repeal 1972 European Communities Act
14:31    affairs Scottish - from public relations to propaganda
22:18    third sector instigations & criminally negligent leaders
23:49    Docherty persecution guilt lies with Sturgeon & Kenny
25:21    subversion of the British through inversive public artwork
26:57    vital questions to be answered with regards to cremated infants
29:42    the fissures appearing within the Scottish inquiry into child abuse
32:59    ukcolumn initiates open source investigation of the Docherty case
39:48    imprisoned whistleblower Melanie Shaw persecuted for the truth
42:04    Named Persons : SNP raises a stasi-like force for State espionage