UK Column News - 24th January 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Davos cyber security session: cyber risks are increasing…
02:32 – Could 2018 be the year of the next financial crisis…?
05:33 – World inequality: 82% of all wealth created in 2017 went to top 1%
07:54 – Davos: fake news - BBC in on the debate…83% of Brits ignore them
13:05 – Davos: BBC suggests the language used is too complicated for us
14:50 – Guardian fake news: Aleppo – ‘A city without hope’...comments closed
16:10 – Syria: British men prepared to fight Turkish-led forces…
18:33 – Head of British Army concocts propaganda against Russia
20:01 – Russian fifth-generation fighter starts flight testing
21:20 – NATO ships enter the Black Sea
21:55 – Brexit (no exit): David Davis on trade - ‘new facts, new opinions...’
25:03 – Henry Bolton UKIP ‘leader’: deliberate destruction of the party
28:19 – Carillion: no guarantees past the end of this month…
29:21 – Labour to force ministers to come clean on Carillion PFI contracts
31:16 – British roads: charging ahead…or one big taxpayer pothole...?
33:45 – Charles Howeson to be sentenced for sexual assaults on February 2nd
34:44 – BBC: Hostesses ‘groped at men-only event’...still no child abuse discussion
42:59 – Civil Service Alumni: getting ready for second AI event…
44:09 – Docherty family and Melanie Shaw update