UK Column News - 8th July 2016

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News, including:

START    “As accurately and reliably as possible what happened…”
3:18    Chilcot Inquiry : Heroes and Villains identified post facto
4:45    Pageantry of Parasites as the richest swan around London
5:39    British Intelligence blackmailed via Kincora abuse system
7:52    A Network of Sadists - this government rests on blackmail
11:56    Investigation into the Dochertys Scandal progresses apace
15:49    Encouragement & advice for moral individuals able to act
20:52    Scottish Government Interference in Child Abuse Inquiry
23:04    Dirty politics & dirtier tricks : absence of real prosecutions
25:47    Sexual Abuse-victims harassed to obstruct Redress Claims
26:38    Police Scotland dumps Millions of private ANPR Records
28:46    Killings in Dallas : Patrick Henningsen commutes to work
33:12    Breakdown of the latest assassinations in the United States
37:36    NATO : Stoltenberg lies about driving renewed Cold War
42:41    Relentless agents of global governance : Common Purpose
47:14    Star of Andrea Leadsom rises as a potential PM Candidate