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Michel Barnier delivers his proposals on the Future Relationship

Brexit: A Deal Not Done

Mike Robinson

The 2019 United Kingdom Election Deception

Martin Edwards

Schrödinger’s Defence Policy

David Scott, David Ellis, Strategic Defence Initiatives

Ann Widdecombe Unveils Brexit Party Defence Policy In London: EU Defence Union Centre Stage


The Nottingham Common Purpose Effect Re-Visited

Martin Edwards

Sovereignty is indivisible, and the opponents of Brexit know it

David Scott

EU Defence Union Command and Control: The Smoking Gun

Mike Robinson

Foreign Affairs: British Government collaboration in EU Global Strategy

David Scott
One World Governance
Integrity Initiative
EU Military Union


Who are you calling a "monkey"?

David Scott
Monkey chanting is all over the news at present. This is the imitation monkey or ape noises directed against sportsmen of African ethnic origin. It is particularly common in association football and...

Who are you calling a "fascist"?

David Scott
For a decade or more the slur words of choice from an intolerant left, seeking to silence debate, have been "fascist" and "Nazi". They use them to signify a political view...

Stop Talking About An EU Army, Nigel

Mike Robinson
Nigel Farage is back, a hero once again. Yet despite his new party’s success at the EU elections, Nigel Farage still refuses to engage on the issue of the UK’s future defence relationship with the EU...

Towards a Model of the Deep State

David Scott
The integrity initiative has shown us more of the deep state than, perhaps, ever revealed before. Rather than occasional crises generating desperate acts, it is now visible as a well organised...

Keeping abreast of the Skripal case: Some recommended articles

Alex Thomson, Eastern Approaches
A round-up of some contributions that inquirers into the Skripal case ought not to miss.
Airdrie Savings Bank

The Poet Next Door

David Scott
It is striking how often ordinary people, who find themselves the victims of extraordinary wrongs, turn to poetry to express themselves. Perhaps you are living next door to a poet. I would like...

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Common Purpose In Your Locality?

Martin Edwards

Impostors, False Friends, Manipulators of The Counter-Jihad Movement

Tony Shell

The Resilient Cities Programme: Another Threat to Individual Liberties?

Martin Edwards
BBC Media Action

BBC Media Action: Subversion From Broadcasting House To Kazakhstan

Brian Gerrish

We're All In This Together

Martin Edwards

Only One Syrian Civil Defence - Not The White Helmets

Mike Robinson

The Global Parliament of Mayors and the Abolition of the Electorate

Martin Edwards