UK Column News - 19th August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & Alex Thomson, including: START A Brexit Commemorative Coin from the Isle of Jersey 02:12 The first tremors of fresh violence in Northern Ireland 07:34 Identities at the National level : Erasmus & Engineering 11:27 Relentless transnationalsim & the wasteful Culture Wars 17:13 NLP & targeted Psychological Subversion in Local Gov. 19:52 Financial Matters Riddled By Wild Endemic Corruption 23:45 Rapid Breakdown of Morale : the Navy & Armed Forces 29:32 ‘A Mixed-Sex Policing Buddy-Arrangement’ of inversion 34:56 DOCHERTYS Transcript Released - Table of Contents 38:12 Police Sources : the Bodies of Murdered Children, at sea 45:37 British Constitution Group & Its Rule of Law Campaign