UK Column News - 29th July 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Scott, including: START Dead End in the Surrey standoff : tactical exercises become ‘News’ 02:31 IMF distortions & lies with systematic failures its Modus Operandi 04:17 Named Person court judgement of ‘Disproportionate Interference’ 12:45 Media-presentation & Spin : NP Scheme “Totalitarian” says court 15:23 Nineteen Eighty-Four was “A warning, not an instruction-manual.” 19:54 Regulation for Investigatory Powers Act Scotland : Proportional..? 22:01 Social Media subterfuge as bizarre document details corrupt Aims 24:28 DOCHERTYS : Investigation ascends with rapid developments... 26:43 Narrative Breakdown... for all who are new to this horrific scandal 29:51 ‘Red-Herring-Raids’ in Scotland with Sacrificial offerings to public 31:26 Safe corridors of Travel (via the Russians) in the warzones of Syria 34:12 Dire threat? … “If I were a terrorist I could have killed them all…” 37:35 British Economics : “The Best-Looking Horse in the Glue Factory” 41:23 Industrial EU-integration with Hinckley Point & State-owned EDF 49:34 Mike Penning – Criminal Negligence & Inaction over Abuse-rings? 54:27 Inalienable Rights - Appreciation for all those who challenged N.P.