Series: Oxford & Cherwell Valley College

Sara Thornton, Chief Constable Thames Valley Police receiving her CBE
Oxford Child Safeguarding Board and Thames Valley Police invest £1million to re-brand child-protection failure.
A Good Samaritan
This man was victimised for protecting WHITE youngsters from WHITE abusers. Operation Bullfinch ignored the evidence.
Oxford & Cherwell Valley College
“Governments love child abuse ... No other criminal activity ... gives such control over those who commit it.” - Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret
John Guiver
Just How Can Oxfordshire County Council Child Safeguarding Board Claim That No Serious Abuses Have Taken Place At Oxford And Cherwell Valley College?
Judge Andrew Vickers has imposed a secret court and issued a ‘Gagging Order” against the Oxford Mail and Oxford Times.
Following the UK Column’s exposure of the shocking sexual, racist and physical abuse of students at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College OCVC, we can now reveal that yet further complaints have been made in the last few weeks. Far from prompting a major investigation into child abuse by Oxfordshire Child Safeguarding Panel, the latest complaints have been channeled back into the very system that originally failed to take proper action. Is this to protect the past failings of those implicated?
Investigations into abuse, racism, pornographic videos, abuse of trust and neglect at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College have now restarted following exposure by the UK Column. But victims remain concerned that those who failed to protect them originally are again leading the investigation, and there will be a cover-up.
Sally Dicketts - Head Of Oxford & Cherwell Valley School
Alcohol consumed in classrooms, bullying, racism, health and safety breaches, pornographic videos, sexual and physical assaults, abuse of trust, and neglect are just some of the accusations against Oxford & Cherwell Valley College which have surfaced over the last eighteen months.