UK Column News - 12th August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish and David Scott, including: START State of the British Navy – Idiotic Spin from an Inadequate Admiral 04:12 ‘Warrior,’ Alex Burton: Reframed & Fully Sequestered From Reality 09:23 Letters to officials ‘a Powerful Medium for Holding Liars to Account’ 12:41 The Dochertys : the Scandal of our Times (open source investigation) 17:12 ‘Substantiated their worst nightmares,’ whistleblowers & insider-allies 21:24 Missing Documents, Break-Ins, Lost Files, Dodgy Dossiers : Criminal 22:13 Sadists at the very Highest Levels : Westminster VIP Abuse Networks 25:42 Haute de la Garenne - a real demonstration of evil at work in the world 31:28 Business Links into the Abuse Networks : a chain of effects in a web of lies 37:39 Alex Jay of the Guardian in review - a bland toothless Rotherham Inquiry 43:21 Home Office Stonewalls the UK Column Police Whistleblower Interview 51:47 Agendas to Transform this Society into an Insane Technocratic Dystopia