UK Column News - 2nd September 2016

Today's UK Column News with Mike Robinson & David Scott, including: START The Saltire & Weimar Germany : Where is the Flag of the Union…? 04:52 A Global Paliament of Mayors with a sigil that looks like a Fingerprint 06:31 Chevening & the Harvesting of Minds from Sierra Leone - Purposeful? 09:48 ‘Never Forget! Terror is a relentless threat and will Definitely Kill You.’ 12:56 Increasingly you are presumed to be Guilty - and there is less Justice… 13:27 Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is an Exemplar of Incoherent Shambles 24:13 Dochertys & Irish Justice : Crimes Against Children, False Allegations 29:28 ‘Wickedly Deceitful’ : Mary Malee - a Guilty Establishment Scapegoat 35:47 Shaun Ritchie : A Dissappeared Young Man & A pile of lost clothes… 38:59 Matters Israeli … the Ethiopian Tribe, & Racist Profiling within ZION