UK Column News - 2nd August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Justin Walker & Alex Thomson, including: START First Lady to be : Melanija Knavs - Slovenian wife of Donald Trump 02:43 The wild & “complete breakdown of law and order in this country…” 03:21 British Constitution Group holds a ‘Rule of Law’ rally in Nottingham 04:34 State of the Nation - Justin Walker lays out both problems & solutions 07:03 “A poisonous cocktail of arrogance and ignorance in [our leadership]” 07:36 Historical Overview : Different Systems of Law at work inside Europe 11:17 Annulment by Jury - a system of legal review in the hands of the people 12:01 Tim Fortescue & blackmail of the Highest Politicians with Child-Abuse 13:29 A Massive Convention for this November & the Autumn push for Law 14:12 ‘The inflexible anti-British arch-federalist Frenchman, Michel Barnier’ 15:23 “Things are beginning to become unstuck for the European project…” 16:01 Best of Both Worlds : a British Lion straddles the world via REMAIN 17:22 “Article 50 is not going to be triggered for some considerable time…” 18:59 The Record of Theresa May : Melanie Shaw, the Docherties, Orwell 21:03 ‘We need to take a look at the people who are behind Theresa May...’ 22:41 Dochertys’ children taken at Gun-point, “literally in fear of their lives” 24:15 A powerful written prosecution of those trying to silence the Dochertys 28:02 ‘The first and best in the of National-propagandists,” The Corporation 29:04 Overview of the BBC & A scathing indictment of the State of its Affairs 31:21 Child-Abuse is “The Engine of Corrupt Politics” in Britain & the world 34:42 “I think ‘Police State’ is a fair description (of the status quo in France).” 36:17 Root & Branch obscuration of the British Constitution & its safeguards 39:45 China : a profound Nation with a very real tendency of exceptionalism 43:52 Attitudes of the Elite : poverties, wastegrounds & the unwashed Masses 49:17 Expansion of the US-ISIS Axis in Libya via a fresh Bombing campaign