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    Get your oars in! 23:59 tomorrow (Monday) is the deadline.

    For background on this, please read “Censored” on the main UKC website, and also @oyddodat‘s brilliant video on the subject:

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    So how do we object to this ?

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    as i’ve said previously, the website to make comments is corrupted and you can’t write anything meaningful – i’ve written to them and all i got was a reply to say thank you for my comments!!! this is a fix – they are not interested in any other views except their own – tory scum

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    the website to make comments is corrupted

    What point did it break for you? I didn’t have any problems and I’ve had some contact from others to left their views ok. It may have been a temporary thing.

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    I’ve hesitated about writing about this because it is not ususally percieved as a censorship issue. Also, it’s narrow, only about email. For now.
    A year ago, I received a letter informing me that a provider “did not want to provide me with an unreliable service” and would no longer provide my email address.
    Apparently Gmail, Outlook, BT, and Yahoo “are implementing stricter security checks to eliminate suspicious emails.”
    Except that BT are outsourcing email and office services to Yahoo and to Microsoft.
    So, how do people feel about a choice of three US Global giants as sole means of communications via email? For now?

    I’m going to take a step back now.
    Generally, people want smaller government, less government in their lives. How does that square with “Total Information Awareness” ??? If you know everything, then, given enough resources you can control everything. Except that the government wants to push the difficult bit of working out all those messy gray areas that might at some time cause harm, or merely offence, onto private services paid for by the public whether retail or commercial.
    Don’t get the idea that these government extensions will be highly skilled, responsible, or effective. It’s going to be for cheap. And it will cause harm. It might even get outsourced to a small asian country without much capability in the english language. Pick one ….

    Hence I’m looking at this “online harms” consultation and I’m looking at a ginormous email cartel ….. whaaat? The government doesn’t see a problem here?
    I think their priorities are way out of line, but what do I know????

    BTW - I have never worked for Reuters.

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    Thanks @mike, that was all extremely useful and I have now finally submitted my views.

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    the website to make comments is corrupted and you can’t write anything meaningful

    I think I know what u8p7K33s was getting at. Though something of a moot point now (consultation ended yesterday,) I too noted the way the so called consultation questions were constructed. They only asked about protecting children and vulnerable users and what powers the state should give itself. There was no mention of disinformation, coercive behaviour, intimidation or confusion. You needed to be creative with your responses to steer them towards mentioning these dangerously vague concepts.

    Clearly, the consultation was absolutely meaningless.

    Ian writes at In This Together. His latest books are available for free download on his website.

    “Collectivism and freedom are mortal enemies. Only one will survive." - G. Edward Griffin

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