Fact-Checking—21st Century Censorship: Dr Judith Brown

Dr Judith Brown's experiences in Lebanon showed her that the mainstream media news cannot be trusted. It portrays to the public the narrative desired by those in power. It does not speak truth to power.

Having become aware of the limitations of media honesty, and possessing substantial medical knowledge as a nurse, Brown identified the anti-factual propaganda surrounding the Covid–19 crisis. She waited for the medical profession to speak out against the alarmist narrative, and waited ... and waited. As those few brave, well-qualified critical voices were then silenced, censored and excluded, she was intrigued, and started to investigate the mechanisms of information control: the fact-checkers.

She found a vast, secretive and extremely well-funded network that is controlling the narrative on social media and mainstream media alike. The fact-checkers are the censorship mechanism, the means of silencing debate and pathologising intellectual inquiry.  

Amongst the most egregious examples of the falsity of the fact-checkers has been the response to those people injured (or bereaved) due to the Covid–19 vaccine side effects. While there is not the slightest doubt that the harm is real, the fact-checkers—and the social media networks who direct their activities—closed these people down. Their testimony, although truthful, was not acceptable. All this was done under the lying banners of fact-checking (Gleichschaltung) and protection of the public (für Ihre Sicherheit).

When challenged on their errors and bias, the fact-checkers, like the ratings agencies in the aftermath of the sub-prime lending crisis, retreat to the position that their pronouncements are simply an opinion and thus protected in law. It is, of course, touted as an opinion only once clearly proved wrong. It is at that point that “fact-checking” is clad anew as the defence of democratic values and Western civilisation against the pernicious effects of misinformation—for just as long as that pompous position can be maintained.

The funding of this network, and the inevitable truism that “he who pays the piper calls the tune”, means that truth is not on the agenda. It is the official narrative that is defended, however transparently false it be. The result is control of the entire public discourse, in both the political sphere and in the public square. Arrogance abounds as the ignorant, the compromised and the complicit define a new truth. No longer does “factual” it mean “in accordance with reality”; instead, it means “in accordance with the official canon”.

Judith Brown feels this is so destructive to society, that, in the interests of future generations, it must be fought and defeated here and now.