Professor Norman Fenton: Covid Censorship and Academic Subversion

Who are these so-called ‘experts’ who, simply at the stroke of a pen or the tap of a keyboard, can destroy a whole life’s work and reputation? David Scott and Debi Evans are joined once again by retired mathematician Norman Fenton, Emeritus Professor of Risk and Information Management at Queen Mary University, London, to discuss his experience of questioning the official Covid–19 narrative.

In 2021, a study carried out in Israel was published in The Lancet, claiming that the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid–19 vaccine was 95% effective. When Professor Fenton challenged this result, however, he never expected the backlash, the retrospective censorship or the heavily redacted reply that he received back from the editors. He recently wrote:

Not content to censor our covid research papers, they are now using novel ways to try to censor our already published non-covid research papers ... just because we dissent from the 'official' covid narrative.  

Notably, it is not the statistics nor the analysis that is contested here, but the right to think, discuss and publish ideas that diverge from the state-endorsed orthodoxy.

Professor Fenton examines the influence of Marxist ideology in academic institutions. This raises the question: Has academia become so heavily corrupted that it can no longer be trusted?

In an earlier interview on UK Column, Professor Fenton questioned the Covid vaccine analysis data, in conversation with Brian Gerrish and Debi Evans. In this latest interview, he continues to express grave concerns over the copious amounts of misinformation, inaccurate data and lies that have surrounded Covid–19, vaccines and therapeutics, revealing the extent of underreporting of serious adverse reactions through the Yellow Card reporting system of the British regulator, the MHRA.

His analysis of a recent lecture given by MHRA Chief Executive Dame June Raine, arising from UK Column News coverage in a segment on 5 April 2023 of the original lecture, reveals the MHRA's shocking disconnection from the facts. The statistics on serious adverse reactions from the Covid–19 injections should be utterly obvious to a prudent and conscientious organisation dedicated to public safety—but Dr Raine and the MHRA seem blind to the facts.

Professor Norman Fenton writes a regular Substack blog. He also has a frequently active Twitter account. Please show him your support.