INSIGHT – ‘A New European Army?’ – Far from being a far-flung conspiracy theory, the policy of European military integration, or an ‘EU Army’ is quietly becoming a reality, and despite perceived political setbacks like BREXIT and NATO’s own problems – the process of inter-country operational interdependence and corporate consolidation has already been set into motion. Simply, this is the military industrial complex’s version of globalization. Co-hosts Patrick Henningsen (21WIRE) and Mike Robinson (UKC TV) are joined by guests David Ellis from Strategic Defence Initiatives, and Brian Gerrish Editor of the UK Column. Watch:

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  1. David Ellis 4 years ago

    The changes to the entire fabric of the State of the UK as we and our Mothers and Farther’s known it under theses treaties of Rome to Lisbon alter and change us so that we could argue lose our country’s identity irrevocably.
    One mans Treaty could be another mans Treason.

    Without Parliament answering to the people, a boarder, HM Armed Services and our own currency we are not a country?

    How do we now serve? and what will we leave to our children?

  2. […] member states is moving very fast now. UK Column News and Strategic Defence Initiatives U.K. have covered this issue repeatedly and in depth in recent months and weeks. We feel strongly that it is not […]

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