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Cameron's Dangerous Private Armies & Foreign Police On Our Streets

Dear All

I would like to alert the UK public to dangerous moves by Cameron to establish 'private armies' and foreign police on our streets. The story begins with Cameron pressing for the American 'super-cop' Bill Bratton to become a senior police officer. Cameron is thrusting his US mate forward, knowing that Bratton has been collaborating with British police over many years, and thus knows the system. 

But the real plan is this - Cameron cynically understands that the British public is not yet ready, and in many places, very wary of European Police Officers coming on to British Streets. Especially German and east European - the memories of east german stasi and soviet KGB are still too strong. Cameron is therefore using his fabian socialist training to slowly open the door with a 'friendly' American, whom he believes might be accepted by the British public. Later European Europol police can be brought in and they will contain German, French and east european police, amongst others. Readers should be aware that French police are in any case, military not civilian based.

Do not be fooled by the Theresa May's  - block Bill Bratton spat. May is 100% part of the wider scam, but is providing the usual 'puppet show' of 'normality' and 'common sense' objection, so as to distract the public as to the speed and scale that these foreign police measures are being installed. 

More sinisterly there are other events happening simultaneously in the background. This is the use of private security firms to assist police i.e. collaborate with them unseen. It is no coincidence that Bill Bratton is connected with one of the oldest private security firms Kroll. Tory Michael Howard is connected with Diligence, a company whose agents who impersonated MI6 agents to gain access to 'intelligence'. 

The website TheFirstPost recently posted a very good accurate warning of this matter...

"radical change in the way we police Britain has sneaked in under the radar over the last 18 months. In a series of Home Office initiatives designed to add manpower with particular skills or knowledge to the regular police force, six new groups of privately sponsored police have been introduced into the Met and are being deployed in a number of the provincial forces.  Although they belong to the part-time, normally unpaid branch of the police - the so-called 'special constables' - there is a big difference: their time and training is paid for by private sector employers who agree to loan them to the police for 200 hours a year."

Who are these people? What are their Terms of Reference and to whom are they Accountable? 

Most worringly of all, we are seeing a steady trail of bodies of those 'executed' by British police. Innocent and / or unarmed, individuals are being shot first and few questions answered afterwards. Many police, military, ex special forces and Judges are now waking up to this threat. But the key factor in dealing with this dangerous spread of private armies on our streets is to remove the criminal elite nesting in parliament. The immediate start is to expose them for what they are and what they are really doing. Tell a friend fast. Discuss it with your local 'Bobbies.' The majority are still good people, who have no idea how they are being taken as fools by David Cameron, and his cross party traitors. We have been warned. Now we must act. Tell a friend.