UK Column News - 25th January 2016

BBC NEWS (N Ireland) 25th January 2016: ENDA KENNY And DAVID CAMERON To Hold Talks In LONDON Later. Talks Are Expected To Focus On UK Proposals For European Union Reform Ahead Of Next Month's Summit Of EU Leaders In BRUSSELS. (Last chance saloon to leave the EU.)

CHATHAM HOUSE TWEET @ChathamHouse 09:08 25th January 2016: Meeting Between End Of Kenny TD & @DAVID_CAMERON: A Pitch For UK-Based IRISH Voters To Vote YES In #EUreferendum @RGWhitman. (UK Column's Mike Robinson shows evidence on screen that there is no reciprocity between citizens of the Irish Republic being eligible to vote in the UK membership of the EU referendum and the (lack of) franchise of British citizens in constitutional referenda in Ireland.)

GRASSROOTS OUT GO: January 2016: We Want To Leave The EUROPEAN UNION. DO YOU?.
GET BRITAIN OUT (Time To Leave The EU) 25th January 2016: "We Can Control Our Borders If We Leave The EU.
1. Restore National Sovereignty – The EU Currently Decides 75% Of Laws Affecting Britain.
2. Fairer Immigration – The EU Opens British Borders To 450 Million Europeans.
3. Excessive Contributions – The EU Costs BRITAIN £55 Million Per Day."
(Suspicious plethora of superficial leave-the-EU campaigns: part of the #EUReferendumPsyOp)

BBC NEWS (EU Referendum) 23rd January 2016: EU-Exit Campaign Group 'Grassroots Out' Is Launched

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 23rd January 2016: LIAM FOX Calls For BRITAIN To Leave EU And Become "An Independent Sovereign Nation" Again
Dr LIAM FOX Says It's Time To Take Control Back Over BRITISH Laws From BRUSSELS And Leave The EU (Embedded Videos In Link)

Shown on screen: UK Column News Has Warned Of The Dismantling Of BRITAIN's Military Infrastructure - List Of MoD (Ministry Of Defence) Sites Sell-Off. (But when Freedom of Information requests are submitted, the MoD claims not to hold centralised records of this information, despite the obvious databasing.)

BBC NEWS (York & North Yorkshire) 22nd January 2016: Man Ordered To Tell Police If He Plans To Have Sex. (Acquitted by a jury, persecuted nevertheless by magistrates)

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 24th January 2016: Former MI5 Officer To Say Agency Knew About Torture In GUANTANAMO BAY. A Former Senior Intelligence Officer Wants To Give Evidence To A Parliamentary Inquiry That MI5 And Government Was Aware Of The Abuse Of Inmates At The AMERICAN-run Prison Camp.

BRIAN GERRISH TWEET @briangukc December 2015: @briangukc RAY TERET (JIMMY) SAVILE's Mate Jailed for 25 Years Meanwhile Meets Woman (BARBARA HEWSON [Queen's Counsel] QC) Laughing At SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) Victims (Why? Helping the State Undermine SRA?)

THE MARANATHA COMMUNITY PDF report on Satanist ritual abuse of children
This Submission Has Been Prepared In Response To The Call For Evidence By The Office Of The Children's Commissioner in Phase 1 Of The Inquiry Into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs And Groups (CSEGG) 27th January 2012: SATANIST RITUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN (This report, sent to government, has only just been released into the public domain; in the intervening years, Hewson has claimed SRA is a myth)

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 24th January 2016: JACK STRAW Advised Client How To Avoid Release Of emails Under FOI (Advised clients how to fox FoI legislation while he sat as an "independent" advisor on FoI legislation)

MAIL ONLINE 25th January 2016: STRAW 'Advised Client On FOI (Freedom Of Information) Dodging': Former Minister Accused Of Telling Firm He Worked For To Say Information Was 'Commercially Sensitive' To Avoid Disclosure

GOV.UK Independent Commission On Freedom Of Information 21st January 2016: Independent Commission On Freedom Of Information Oral Evidence: Transcripts. The Independent Commission On Freedom Of Information Held An Oral Evidence Session On 20th January 2016.

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 6th September 2011: LIBYA: GADDAFI Squads 'Tortured People In Shipping Containers'. LIBYA's MUAMMAR GADDAFI Deployed Special Squads Which Held Suspected Opponents In Shipping Containers And Tortured Them For Information About Insurgent Networks, According To A Report By News Agency REUTERS. (How the bogeyman demonising foments wars)

THE TELEGRAPH 2nd December 2002: BRITISH Dossier Accuses SADDAM Of Torture (180° Flip, One Finger Pointing With Three Pointing Back)

THE GUARDIAN 16th December 2015: New Evidence Supports Claims About SYRIAN State Detention Deaths (Any Excuses To Get In There With Bombing, preferably the Old Chestnut, "Humanitarian" Reasons)

THE INDEPENDENT 12th December 2014: Complicity In Torture: The Case Against The UNITED KINGDOM

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 24th January 2016: Now That LITVINENKO's Murder 'Probably' Points To PUTIN, What's Next For BRITISH Relations With RUSSIA? (Edward Lucas Rides Agin)

21st CENTURY WIRE 24th January 2016: LITVINENKO’s Brother: ‘Blaming PUTIN For Murder Is Ridiculous – BRITAIN Had More Reason To Kill Him’

IMPRESS No Publish Date Foun 2016: IMPRESS Is The First Truly Independent Press Regulator In The UK (What Gives Them The Right To Announce Such Drivel? Note their choice of the nation-less .press domain; where do their allegiances lie?)

UK COLUMN NEWS wire diagram shown on screen: PRESS & MEDIA INDEPENDENCE 2016: DAVID CAMERON Style... (Add A Touch Of GEORGE SOROS: What A Deadly Recipe)

THE GUARDIAN 25th January 2016: BRITISH Government And BILL GATES Announce £3bn To Fight Malaria (mass vaccination agenda)

FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Speeches & Testimony) 4th August 2015: "The Proposal Would Force Banks To Issue Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars In New Debt Ad Encourage Them To Acquire Riskier, High-Yielding Assets Or Expand Into Non-Bank Activities To Cover Costs." THOMAS HOENIG (Bail-In Strategy Looms)

FOREIGN AFFAIRS 11th January 2016: The End of China's Rise. Still Powerful But Less Potent