UK Column News - 11th July 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Dr Graham Downing for today's news programme, including:

START    May destined to be Leader of the Conservative Party
02:17    “Largest (…) state surveillance system in the world…”
03:24    Deaths in police custody & collaboration with the US
04:05    Melanie Shaw persecuted by servants of Theresa May
05:39    Swiss Airport Flags offer insight into realities of Brexit?
06:23    Is this a real instance of EU inspired Hate-crime? No.
07:56    Public Health & Human Rights – ‘Informed Consent’
11:18    Diphtheria vaccination lies : Campaigners persecuted
15:37    “…we must sensitise the Public to the benefits of it…”
16:02    The Significance of Consent & “Montgomery Ruling”
20:38    “…that means that the vaccine is causing an illness…”
21:47    “One (Death is) Reported for Every Two-Hundred…”
26:21    Acute Flaccid Paralysis : forgotten Polio of Yesteryear
27:16    David Davis points a finger of blame at Anthony Blair
29:12    European Union Military Union – An Evil Superstate
32:41    “Britain (is) now one of the most corrupt countries…”
33:17    Sights turning towards Africa with Michael Fallon lies
34:29    NATO ‘Keeps our nation safe…’ : Awful propaganda
39:26    Foreign Apaches helicopters & decline of UK industry
41:05    Nine Boeing P8-As to be bought for the British Forces
43:13    Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership & Tisa
44:37    Derivative problems - Italian woe & tides of illicit debt
46:28    Key point : “Deutsche Bank is not long for this Earth.”