The European Gulag Is Born

With all the chaos in the financial sector, it is easy to overlook the extremely disturbing information that quietly slipped into the mainstream news last week about the accelerating enforcement of the European Arrest Warrant System.

The system itself is not new, having been passed into law by Parliament on 1st January 2005, but what is new is the process of "trial in absentia," to which our Attorney General has just offered full support.

Coming as it does in the midst of all the other multifaceted crises that we are facing with the ongoing collapse of the global financial system, the accelerating erosion of our civil liberties and the breakdown of our society into an anarchic mob of enraged, psycopathic yahoos: the direction and intent of these legal maneuvers by the EU bureaucracy simply cannot be denied any longer. It is absolutely clear that we are witnessing the installation of a legal system straight from the pages ofKafka, a system that will immediately go into high gear on the day that the Lisbon treaty comes into legal effect, with the accession to the EU presidency of the first unelected dictator of Pan Europa.

With this in mind, we can fully expect British political dissidents, artists, writers and journalists of all stripes to be targeted, demonised, tried in absentia at some kangaroo court in the nether regions of the emerging EUSSR, and deported without further due process - all in the name of "consistency with the EU," according to our (quite clearly unqualified politically or morally for the position) "Attorney General."

Well, it's nice to know that we will be "consistent" with all the other former nation states of Europe on our way to hell. We wouldn't want to be left out of all the fun, after all, would we?


The following letter was sent to all London's MEPs via the UK Office of the European Parliament website:

Dear Sirs,

Yesterday, I read with absolute horror and outrage in the British media about the push by our government, among others in the EU, for the implementation of the European Arrest Warrant system.

This is a fundamental and dangerous assault on our civil liberties in this country and as an MEP for London with responsibility for millions of British citizens, I would like to know what your opinion is about this.

The people of this country are rapidly losing patience with our elected representatives in Brussels and Westminster, who, having cynically failed to give us a say, yet again, about matters of grave constitutional import for this country, are now moving full steam ahead to implement the Lisbon treaty, and closer political integration with Europe. This is despite the opposition of millions of people throughout the continent, most of whom (at least those who have been allowed a voice in the matter), including not least the Irish, who under any reasonable analysis (i.e. not a politicians one), have already defeated said treaty.

I do hope you find an opportunity to reply to this email as I, and increasing numbers of people throughout this country are rapidly coming to the conclusion that we are headed into very dangerous waters and that the vast majority of our political class are no longer to be trusted with anything like public office.

Yours, etc ...

You can find the responses I received in the Documentation section on this page.