Brian Gerrish

Brian Gerrish is a former Royal Navy Officer from the Cold War era. Specialised in anti-submarine warfare, he worked with Royal Navy, US UK and NATO maritime forces conducting operations to locate and track Soviet nuclear submarines the Norwegian Sea, North Atlantic and US eastern seaboard.

Having left the Royal Navy in 1993, Brian spend several years working in the private sector, specialising in environmental and contaminated land risk management for large scale construction projects.

In the late 1990s he took an interest in firstly, the rise of unaccountable EU political power and influence within UK, and secondly, the corrupting influence of the political charity Common Purpose within government, and the public, private and community sectors.  

Reporting his findings in written articles and public talks, Brian was steadily drawn into a new life as a public speaker and investigatory journalist, with the UK Column newspaper - which he formed together with Mike Robinson - and which is now a broad based independent news media organisation.

Alongside his continuing work to highlight the rise of a dangerous political dictatorship within UK, Brian has also remained focused on working to expose UK state sponsored child abuse and trafficking. He recognises that we fight against spiritual powers in high places.