ORDO AB CHAO: Narcissists in Power and the Psychological Attack on UK

On 5th July 2020 I interviewed Debi Evans, a retired NHS nurse and former government autism advisor, on the subject of 'Narcissists in Power and the Psychological Attack on UK.'

At that time in 2020, UK was some three and a half months into 'lock-down', or curfew, as it is perhaps better described. The UK public was already weary of a range of government imposed restrictions, ordered to supposedly protect us from the ravages of a State declared Covid 'pandemic.' These restrictions included household lock-down, travel limitations, social distancing, wearing of face masks, limitations on family and public gatherings, shut down of schools pubs, businesses, churches, public venues and sports facilities. Hospitals became almost exclusively Covid-focused, whilst NHS and GP medical facilities were severely restricted in service provision, and vulnerable elderly people were confined to home and / or their nursing and 'care homes.' Limited outdoors exercise was permitted, but only just. The economy staggered under the restrictions. Bigger companies adapted with cut-backs and working from home. In contrast many small business simply ceased to exist.

Against this backdrop, Debi and I discussed a range of subjects which we felt pertinent and important. They included: people in power and narcissism, Common Purpose, psychometric testing in the Conservative party, the psychiatric view of narcissism, the policy of inducing fear in the public mind, 'the blame game'—twisting the narrative to make the public guilty, a second wave and vaccinations, targeting the elderly, vulnerable and children, the cover of Covid, the BBC and the State voice in your home, political ponerology and brainwashing, the UK's Behavioural Insights Team, the madness of masks, the Conservative revolution and the applied political psychological attack on the UK. Finally, from chaos and the game theory, we consider order out of the Covid chaos—the final transformation of our society into 'their' world.

Although completely unscripted, our talk quietly sifted, then fitted together pieces of the jigsaw, to reveal the scope and power of the political plan unfolding in UK, and an insight into the psychological mindset of those driving it.

Close to the hour, Debi suggests that the public who are scared and fearful of the Covid chaos are "tip toeing into a totalitarian state." She adds the prediction that "by 1st January 2021 we will all wake up with a completely new regime and a completely new rewiring of the UK ...we have five months until the UK is 'all change.'"

Since we are now already in mid January 2021, her words hold even greater relevance and impact, for we are presently locked up to an even greater degree by a cabal of political, scientific and medical enforcers, of highly questionable psychological suitability.

Today, on top of the restrictions of 2020, we now have ongoing controls over our families, family life and loving physical interaction, our elderly relatives are in curfew with normal comforting visits denied, friends and acquaintances are separated, travel is restricted, borders are closed, the police and army are active on the streets, community spying, snitching and enforcement is encouraged, and a mass vaccination programme is underway, whether we want it or not. Aside from the loss of social venues such as pubs, sports facilities, performing arts and parks, even the human interaction of shopping has been reduced to a depressing, masked, socially distanced and controlled affair. Mental health issues plague an increasing number of people and suicides are increasing. Yet the relevant statistics are hidden. The UK economy is devastated, with some 30% of the economic capacity and £ billions lost. 

What is all this really about? Why is it happening? Please join Debi and me in our summer of 2020 recorded conversation, 'Narcissists in Power and the Psychological attack on UK', and consider our thoughts, topics and warnings, against the realities of the 'nu year' of 2021. Seeing and understanding the resulting smokescreen of COVID chaos, is essential for preserving free thinking and liberty in the United Kingdom from January 2021 onwards.