The Psychological Attack on the UK, Part 2

Please join Alex Thomson and myself in The Psychological Attack on UK — Part 2, as we continue our analysis of the subversive attack on the UK, USA and the Western powers, as clearly detailed in a single page within Christopher Story's book The EU Collective: Enemy of Its Member States.

In a substantial section of our debate, we focus on a key question. Why would women and homosexuals be clearly identified by Soviet defector Yuriy Bezmenov (a.k.a. Tomas Schuman), using his own knowledge of KGB strategy, as a key weapon in "penetrating and demoralising the western intelligence community, police and military?" How has the 'battle of the sexes' been used as a weapon alongside this process?


If you have not already done so, and to help you understand the important background and context of our broader analysis, we encourage you to watch The Psychological Attack on the UK — Part 1 before starting this second episode. Over 38,000 people have already watched Part 1, with nearly 1500 viewers expressing their appreciation for the quality of information and analysis contained within it. 

In this latest relaxed discussion, we again make our analysis and observations based on our complementary professional experience and understanding; for Alex, gained as a highly specialised Former Soviet Union desk officer within GCHQ, and for myself as a warfare officer in the Royal Navy, the bulk of whose service was during the Cold War years; locating and tracking Russian nuclear submarines, of which the nuclear ballistic submarines were the prize target.

Our joint professional experience is especially pertinent in Part 2 as we tackle the key subversively targeted area of Security (covering the intelligence community, police and military), but first we address the demoralising and destructive plans detailed for Law and Order and Social Relations.

To recap, the following descriptive paragraph sets out the key warning within Story's highly detailed and meticulously researched book:

The EU Collective: Enemy of Its Member States by Christopher Story — a very detailed analysis of the European Union project, focusing on deep politics within the EU, and Germany and Russia in particular. In his well researched and highly detailed work, Mr Story essentially warned that far from uniting and protecting the European nations involved, the EU project was a hostile and counterfeit political construct. Its ultimate aim was to form a key power bloc within Europe to foment, in Story's own words, "a pillar of a long-planned One World government which will represent the final realisation of Lenin's global revolution against the nation state.

Alongside the detail, it was page 6 that originally fired up our attention to the book and its contents, the table or grid on that page being entitled "National Destabilisation Plan of KGB/GRU based on Soviet Defector Intelligence". It set out, in simple tabular form, the "Departments" or "Areas" of the targeted society, the "Methods to be Employed" (against the Departments), and the "Intended Results".

In Part 1, we covered the 'Areas' of Religion (especially true Christianity), Education, Media and Culture. In Part 2, we look deeper into the intended objectives of Mistrust of Justice, Degradation of Intelligence Quality, Military Power and the Recruitment Pool. All this leads to a larger goal of Defencelessness, Total Unawareness of Strategy, and Idolatry of Cooperation — the latter resulting in the inability of the UK (and USA) as a Nation State to act Decisively and Alone.

If Bezmenov had been correct in just one or two of his predictions, then we might assume that coincidence was at work. In reality, he was correct in all of his predictions. Common sense therefore tells us that the plan he describes must be both real and effective. And that plan ultimately leads from 'Demoralisation' to 'Destabilisation', to 'Crisis' (Chaos) and then 'Normalisation' — so-called 'peace' (actually pacification) under a socialist/communist dictatorship of global scale.

If you sense, feel, see or know that something is wrong in the UK today, then join us in The Psychological Attack on UK — Part 2 as we analyse what is really attacking our society. In doing so, we will all be working to frame and understand the attack, and thus ultimately will be starting to expose and halt it. If you think all is well in the UK. then our discussion will challenge your view of the world.