No Smoke without Fire Part 0: Covid 19 and the RiO Gulag

Please join Debi Evans and Brian Gerrish in what was to be a private telephone conversation but is now a discussion for a much wider public. We consider the Covid 2020/2021 ‘pandemic’, lockdown, vaccinations, testing, the NHS and much more. 

What do we hope to achieve by making our conversation public? We very much hope that our viewers and listeners will follow through our comments and analysis, learning, understanding, seeing, experiencing, and adding to their own personal take on what is happening around us in this increasingly oppressive, dictatorial, government-enforced, ‘new normal’ world.

Like many people, we feel that something is just not right with the Covid–19 ‘pandemic’, and these concerns need to be discussed.


If you need some more detail before watching the video, please see our taster of topics set out below. Please dip in and see if we press any of your hot buttons regarding life under Covid and lockdown.

Coronavirus reservations, including virologists warning on validity and efficacy of the PCR tests themselves.

Why are we testing healthy people and ignoring the sick? The lateral flow test—France and other countries are refusing it.

Anyone who presents asymptomatic with a positive test should be reassessed with a clinician.

If we look at WHO advice we should see cases dropping, but UK Government is not taking any notice.

If the government is continuing to push tests which don’t work, are they deliberately deceiving the public. Why would they do that? To ramp up fear. But why would they want to make us frightened?

GPs haven’t got answers, they’re just snowed under. I asked if the lock-up was disproportionate to the virus. He said yes and that he could see lots of associated problems. He was effectively describing Biderman's Chart of coercion.

I worry for the GPs and junior doctors who are having to take orders from managers who are not medically trained. The government setting doctors up for a fall. What sort of info could you use to challenge the GPs?

I am not anti-vaccination. I am pro-choice. I do not think the vaccines have been sufficiently tested. GPs do not know about the contents of the vaccines.

I also spoke to Boots pharmacy and wrote about the vaccine. Who will be liable if the manufacturers not liable?

Are Boots taking liability? They refused to comment …

GPs were always vulnerable to the drug firm sales representatives, but now doctors ar just under state control.

People don’t know about the NHS RiO Gulag—one integrated record per patient. A “future-proof NHS record system, today trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals.” If you show any signs to a doctor that you don’t wear a mask or you say you are stressed because of lockdown, I believe this will go on your mental health records on RiO. Are we being labelled os dissenters, or domestic terrorists—i.e., you fail to follow the government advice and you therefore have ‘mental health’ issues?

I refused to go for a vaccine—does this mean that this refusal has been placed on my medical records.

And with the Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) already in place, they specifically allow the use of hearsay information on their record data base. We are seeing the ‘soviet’ use of mental health to enforce government policy.

Watch out for that little ‘X’ next to the NHS—NHSx. Everything is being digitised on NHS block-chain with Google and even GCHQ also involved. But the moment personal data is in the database you are targeted. The government can run roughshod over you and it’s going to be: “We can remove you to a place of safety.”

The swabs and testing regime raises lots of concerns. We used to have sputum and stool tests. Nothing evasive, and with us donating, so why are we doing all these invasive tests? It is not just about removing DNA from your body. What else is going up there, in this very delicate nasopharyngeal area.

Throat swabs have been reinserted in nose after the throat, but this is cross contaminating.

Dr James Giordano, professor of neurology and biochemistry, lectures on the brain as the battlefield of the future. He is intimidating. He says, “Do not applaud me now, applaud afterwards; because if you don’t feel ‘you need the toilet’ after I have lectured you, I have not done my job.”

He speaks of a stroking agent that can be placed in the nasopharynx . He has been involved in head and body transplants. Very scary stuff.

So why are we testing healthy people? Why are we using such invasive tests? I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

Google was brought into the heart of NHS, plus security services they are hoovering data. Plus two vaccines are interfering with DNA. Nobody is giving the public the information as to what they are really doing with DNA.

Without consent we have been entered in a world-wide clinical trial of vaccines. Nasal vaccines are very risky for children. Are vaccines to alter us and change our DNA? They do not have a high efficacy, and we don’t know the risks, but they are being being given to elderly vulnerable people.

Now we have masks and ‘social’ distancing to disrupt normal human interaction. Are we now going to see them going to break the relationship between the children and parents?

In 2010, the UK Column exposed the UK Government meeting behind closed doors with French behavioural experts, such as neuropsychological specialist Oliver Ouillier, to plan how to use applied psychology to enforce government and EU political policy.

Who are these experts, and what is their true psychology? Should we trust them. Do you trust them? Because many are ‘dark triad’ personalities. Our leaders seem to have all of the characteristics of the dark triad in abundance.

We are in biblical times.

It increasingly obvious that psychologists are starting to pick up on these issues and they are deeply concerned at the political use of psychology. In contrast, the Psychologist magazine July 2020 boasted of “Towards a new normal and beyond.” Society is going to change—and they are gleefully accepting that life is changing and we need ‘to ride over the rainbow to the new world.’

We are looking at ‘Game Theory Reward and Punishment’. This was on Dominic Cummings’ blog.

There are a lot of psychologists failing in their duty of care, to us to protect us from the people who are damaging us.

The plans are all out there, then you look for the real agenda. Just take the Spars Pandemic 2025-2028, which gives the whole plan month by month. It was compiled by John Hopkins University. They wrote a monthly plan. If you look at it you can see that everything happening now is in that plan.

Combine with the SAGE minutes and I think we could have a new Covid in March—Covid–21—and then a break before the next.

Ramping up the fear factor with children and pregnant mothers. This is child abuse—locking them up making them stand in circle and no hugging of grandparents and friends. If I had done it, I would have had child protection coming down on me. It’s evil.

SPARS Pandemic document Introduction “Effective communication about medical countermeasures … it must be planned and prepared for …opportunity to construct a storyline of a fictional emergency event.” The focus is on the ‘story’ and how you are going to sell it to the public.

The Pandemic is named as coronavirus and is not planned to end any time soon. IMF has covid exercises until 2024 and we’re in for the long haul. Boris Johnson says he can’t say when we’re coming out.

In ending, what can we say to people?

Challenge it wherever you can. Everywhere you can, talk to people and point at factual information.

Be brave, stand firm, question everything.

Just ask:

... Why do we need a vaccine for something where 99.7% of people get better?

... Where did flu go?

... Why do you test healthy people and ignore the sick?