UK Column News - 21st December 2022

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


00:42 Poland's top cop injured by exploding present

01:42 A truly European Ukraine needs both victory and stronger rule of law

02:37 Duda announces jail term for Poles who served in the Ukraine war

05:46 Questions Are Being Asked About the BBC’s ‘Disinformation Reporter’

07:50 The Critic - The rites of Spring

11:35 Nicola Sturgeon's plans to abolish jury trials in rape cases

12:53 Scotland's Public Contracts

13:31 BBC: People aged 16 and 17 to be allowed to change gender

15:19 Clip: Entire Scottish parliament gallery cleared over two women's rights hecklers

16:50 Roddy Dunlop KC Tweeted

18:11 Scottish Parliament TV Archive

18:28 Petition: Update the Equality Act to make clear the characteristic “sex” is biological sex

19:22 UKC Article: Menticide 101

19:50 Is rejecting “parent 1 and 2” discriminatory against gays?

20:55 Pastor Fabiano arrested in Brazil

25:05 IOPC Launches Probe Into Its Own Chief

26:39 The High Court decided that the state of alert in Romania was illegally extended

27:34 New Jersey - Dear Santa 

28:14 The not so independent Pfizer Adviser 

30:40 Vienna booster ad - Girl abducted by Boosta for jab

31:20 Von der Leyen’s COVID vaccine deal comes under fire from EU capitals

32:47 Black Lines Matter

33:24 Canada delays right to physician-assisted death for mentally ill people

35:40 Doctors For Patients UK

36:31 Imperial College London - National State of Patient Safety 2022

37:50 The Times - Avoid risk, public told as paramedics prepare for strike

38:35 Man, 89, with broken hip taken to hospital strapped to a plank in Wales

41:00 Yorkshire ambulance bosses declare critical incident amid delays

43:00 Schools introducing Covid-style bubbles and masks in face of Strep A infections

43:45 Live attenuated influenza vaccine enhances colonization of Streptococcus

44:22 Nasal flu vaccine may help protect children against strep A, study shows

44:58 What is PANDAS

45:55 NHS expands mental health crisis services this winter

46:30 UKC Article - What are we doing to our children? — Part I

48:14 MHRA Board Meeting held in public

49:30 COVID-19 vaccination: a guide on pregnancy and breastfeeding

50:02 Warning over eating salmon this Christmas amid listeria outbreak

50:35 Parliament TV: Health and Social Care Committee

1:00:44 Catastrophic Contagion

1:04:32 NHS expands lifesaving home testing kits for bowel cancer

1:09:50 Crisis: Housing, Covid–19 and the Emergence of a New Fascism

1:10:28 Debi Evans Blog: Christmas 2022

1:10:57 The Crisis of Western Political Systems

1:11:30 Australia's Former AMA President Defects, Exposes COVID Vaccines

1:12:20 Man says he is facing a staggering £7,000 energy bill after heat pump change

1:13:55 UKC Article: Downhill To The British Dictatorship

1:14:38 Former Nazi secretary guilty of complicity in more than 10,500 murders – BBC News

1:15:26 Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, 45, charged

1:16:44 Birmingham Charity Worker Arrested for Silent Prayer

1:18:08 UKC Article: No-pray zones: A challenge to the churches

1:19:53 ADF UK - Jeremiah Igunnubole

1:20:34 March For Life UK

1:21:28 ADF UK - Ryan Christopher

1:23:14 Richard Lucas and the fight against cultural Marxism in Scotland

1:24:04 The British Armed Forces has officially recognised its first registered Satanist

1:24:21 Christianity has no place in the British army claims senior military officer

1:24:49 UKC Article: The Psychological Attack on the UK: Start of a Series

1:25:32 European Union Collective by Christopher Story

1:26:40 What is the Theory of Disruption?

1:27:26 TRADOC Mad Scientist 201

1:34:07 Nigel Watson Youtube: @nigelwatson2750

1:35:36 New privacy code will endanger Press freedom, editors say

1:36:36 REVEALED: The UK’s largest intelligence agency is infiltrating British schools

1:38:41 Ex-intelligence officials are teaching students at a course held at Cambridge University

1:39:41 British Spy Chief Visits Armenia

1:40:54 Woke NJ Military Goes after Local Mom