Downhill To The British Dictatorship Unless We Withdraw Our Consent

From political charity Common Purpose with its secret meetings for 'future leaders', to the Cabinet Office Insights Team, the main weapon used to destroy our families, culture and history has been an orchestrated attack on our minds.

In the Daily Mail of 17th Jan 2015 Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Canterbury, asks "why can't the voice of Christians be heard?" He states that "the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice, by disciplining Richard Page JP, have declared war on even residual notions of the faith [Christianity] having any place in our legal processes."  Correctly he also goes on to say that "the 'remedial' training required of Mr Page smacks to me of the 're-education' camps so beloved of Marxist states."  

Both the UK Column and the British Constitution Group have been warning for years of an emerging dictatorship in the UK. Spawned through deliberate and calculated treason by parliament and the agencies of the State, the plan has been implemented by subversion and applied behavioural psychology.

From political Charity Common Purpose with its secret meetings for 'future leaders' to the Cabinet Office Insights Team, the main weapon used to destroy our families, culture and history has been an orchestrated attack on our minds.

Constant change, increasing chaos and a dumbing down of both adults and children alike, has now produced a confused and largely leaderless society where the majority of people cannot see the marxist beast emerging. Marxist it is, as the former Bishop astutely states.

Yet both Cameron's Conservatives and Miliband's Nu Labour have openly published their party adherence to the doctrine of marxist change agent Saul Alinsky. Cameron is now building an army of thousands of young 'change agents' controlled and funded by Big Society, whilst remaining hidden under the guise of 'charity' organisations or Social Enterprise Companies. Young innocent and enthusiastic, most of these young people are unaware of the monster they are helping to create and mistakenly believe they are helping to change our society into a better place.

Aside from the 'in our face' declaration of Saul Alinsky for Tories, Lib Dems and Labour alike, Common Purpose was itself formed by marxists who were themselves spawned by DEMOS. Add to the poison government applied behavioral psychology through the Behavioural Insights Team and we have communitarian marxism on steroids. Not convinced? Then read Mindspace where our own government boasts of its ability to change our values and behaviour without us realising this has been done.

If our analysis so far is 'behind the scenes', let's look at the visible progress to date towards a single party dictatorship in Britain.  Aside from repeated attacks on Christianity, the government has approved Satanism as a religion which can be practiced in the armed forces - foremost so in the Royal Navy. Hot on the heels of a state guardian for every child in Scotland we now have the President of the Faculty of Public Health calling for State Lessons in Parenting.

His suggestion gives the state yet more power to interfere in family life - an area where Social Services are now given frightening power to take children from their parents via secret Family Courts. Political Correctness, more correctly known as Cultural Marxism, now resticts our free speech and ability to criticise those whom we know to be antagonistic to our national views and values. Criticise members of the Estalishment, an MP, Public Official or the Police and the charge of Hate Speech and being Vexatious is imediately raised. Push further and the next step is a charge of Harassment. This pernicious law is bad law since it is based on the opinion of the 'harassed' individual only.

Prison is no longer the corrective tool of the State. The UK Column has tried to help many individuals who have been branded mentally ill, sectioned and incarcerated in Psychiatric Units on false evidence, assessments and reports. Coupled with secret family courts and even courts without juries and a single judge, the route to oblivion in a psychiatric unit is a close parallel of the Soviet Gulag.

The use of psychiatry to attack and destroy western democracies was devised in its most modern form by the Frankfurt schools of politico psychiatrists. From the over sexualisation of children and society, to the constant attack on our cultural values and morality, to the undermining of our key institutions, to the destruction of our national identity, these were the tools of the men who migrated into the heart of governance in both the UK and USA. There works have been applied, polished and expanded in virtually every part of our government and public systems today. Karl Marx, Trotsky and Lenin were avid proponents of the Frankfurt agenda. Alinsky, a more recent student, is now mentor to the Consivatives, Lib Dems and Labour alike. 

Today, Britain is the most spied upon country in the world, with millions of CCTV cameras and increasingly sophistocated facial tracking and recognistion software. Our intensely personal NHS records have been released to global commercial companies - and the rapidly expanding government electronic databases. 

Fuelled by the government promotion of the fear of terrorism (which it itself created from aggressive overseas wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria)  Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron's government now pushes for even greater surveillance of private companies, particularly those internet companies handling our personal electronic communications. Under the lies of safety from terrorism we are being herded into a pen of state spying upon citizens of a scale and sophistication never before seen. Moreover this is done with the cynical propaganda of 'trust us' the very organisations spying on us. In the Daily Mail article 'Watching them, watching us' and in a Cameron approved video, GCHQ is now being promoted as our saviour, staffed by ordinary people who take their cuddly toys to work. 

Spying is still not enough for Cameron and his financial masters. They need total power, and this can also be seen advancing through the expansion of Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) powers to include TV Lience Fee Dodgers ... power implemented like the drip of an anaesthetic.

Still not there? Then we are now instructed by ruler Cameron that children's nurseries to universities are to be on the lookout for extremists and any meeting of people may present a terror threat. The danger is neatly summed up by Peter Hitchens in his article Don't like the PC mob? Well now that makes you a terror threat.

What's the next step in the LibLabCon for the UK dictatorship? The UK Column has led the analysis and exposure of Common Purpose and its subversive attack and subsequent control over our systems of government. Happily our warnings were enough to alert mainstream press and media to the dangers of Common Purpose, and particularly to their attempt to discredit and then control free speech by the Leveson Inquiry. The continuing subversive expansion of Common Purpose and the Big Society Change Agents continues apace, but the political danger is more open and far easier to see. 

Again forecast by the UK Column, the media is now promoting the idea that the election 2015 will create a three party coalition. This is the three headed monster that we should fear most, as controlled by the few as all parties are, supported by threats, blackmail and the exposure of paedophilia, such a 'coalition' is a one party state. But the State still cannot implement this political beast without the voting consent of the electorate. We can stop it, but only if the wider public is jolted awake with reality and truth and fast. Will you stand up to be counted. Would you like to learn just how to fight the beast? Then attend the British Constitution Group Conference weekend of the 28th February - 1st March 2015 in Telford.