Richard Lucas and the fight against cultural Marxism in Scotland

In a wide-ranging discussion, Scottish Family Party leader Richard Lucas and UK Column’s David Scott explore the corrupting of Scottish society by the philosophy of cultural Marxism, pushed in aggressive style by the Scottish Government and by the full alphabet soup of state and third-sector agencies.   Topics explored include the corruption of young minds using sex education, and planting the seeds of confusion concerning gender roles and identity into children as young as three years of age, as in Wales. With education policy and practice captured by radical activists, Scottish education—once world-leading—is now corrupting young minds, teaching that pornography is healthy and natural and is giving children the message that they have the right to have illegal underage sex. Richard identifies that the effect of these toxic innovations is to pull the rug from under child development.

In addition to a sex-ed programme that would appear to be little more than the sexual grooming of children, the quasi-religious cult of cultural Marxism is promoting LGBTQ+ ideology and is also pushing racial rancour via Critical Race Theory. The cumulative effect of these policies is to make Scottish schools hostile territory for children with traditional views.

And the ideology is not stopping there. The idea of the abolition of childhood is now being openly preached by an influential Scottish academic. Furthermore, one leading advisor to the Scottish Government, Dr Colin Morrison of the Scottish Education Council and Co-Director of the Scottish Children’s Parliament—whose doctoral thesis makes 58 mentions of the philosophical French child molester Michel Foucault—advocates breaking down the barriers between children and adult sexuality, despite the risks from sexual predators and serious safeguarding concerns that must inevitably follow. What else does this key advisor think?

David and Richard explore what it is like to stand against this tide of state-sponsored indoctrination (which Richard terms the Blob) and to endure the hatred and disgust of Holyrood parliamentarians (MSPs) and the political Left which is dished out to silence opposition. Richard Lucas has had some finest hours in that struggle.   Abortion and the imminent introduction of no-pray zones, enforced by long prison sentences, around abortion clinics is a further front in the war waged by woke ideology, and Richard and David discuss their experiences in that battlefield as well.   Finally, Richard outlines the progress that the Scottish Family Party has made and its aim to have MSPs elected to the Scottish Parliament.   Richard Lucas has begun writing for the UK Column and his first article is on the Trojan horse of "childrens rights". More will follow. He also appeared in a guest segment on UK Column News on 21 November 2022.