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Debi Evans Blog: Christmas 2022

As Christmas fast approaches and Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, many are worrying about the cost of living crisis and how they are going to get through the next couple of days, let alone Christmas and the New Year. As we enter 2023, we must all prepare for further changes ahead, with plenty more disruption affecting each and every one of us, regardless of race, heritage or culture. 

As some MPs, Lords and Ladies have strong links with the pharmaceutical industry (a phrase which just happens to contain the letters 'harm'), it is clear that the Government is not interested in the growing number of deaths and adverse reactions reported to the MHRA via its defunct, not fit for purpose Yellow Card scheme. In fact, the Government does not appear interested in any of the big issues that are troubling the majority of the public, and appears to have completely misjudged public opinion. Who are all these young men being ferried over the Channel in small boats? Are they an army of United Nations soldiers being smuggled in by stealth, housed by the taxpayer, whilst local people get evicted from their homes?

Our Chancellor and Prime Minister are on the verge of launching us all into a world of Central Bank Digital Currency that no-one voted for nor wants. 15-minute smart cities will be the cities of the future as Oxford already makes plans to zone the city, making it impossible for people to travel freely. Will cars be banished entirely as fuel prices rocket and parts for older cars become unavailable? As more control is being handed over to the World Economic Forum, United Nations and World Health Organisation, we can expect a One World Government within a very short time. 

Are we all being lined up to live our lives in a digital panopticon, where those charged with guarding us can see us but we can’t see them? Centralised digitisation is here to stay, but who will you complain to or appeal to when things go wrong? If the computer says no, it’s no; there will be no human to challenge. Certainly, there will be no man or woman as you have been used to, now that the Cambridge Dictionary has redefined the definition of ‘woman’. I wonder how long it will be before the definition of ‘human’ changes? I doubt it will be long.  

2022 has been dominated by multiple doom and gloom: reports of wars, rumours of wars, illness, death, disruption, scandals and dramas. The intensity and frequency of the gaslighting has ramped up and shows no sign of abating; on the contrary. No wonder we are all exhausted and in need of a holiday. What a shame we can’t hit the pause button and all bad news could temporarily stop. Sadly, the news never needs a holiday.

Let’s look at a few stories of the week that we should keep an eye on over the Christmas period and beyond.


Hospitals ordered to free up beds ahead of ambulance strikes

Ahead of the ambulance strikes, the NHS has been asked to free up as many beds as possible in readiness for industrial action from ambulance crews. NHS England’s chief operating officer, Dave Sloman, warns “it will be a very challenging period with extensive disruption”—there’s that word again! Local NHS Trusts are also being asked by NHS England to reduce handover delays in order to get ambulances back on the roads within 15 minutes of dispatching their patients. However, NHS staff are saying this is going to be difficult to implement, so don’t hold your breath.  

Observation areas and additional beds will be allocated elsewhere in the hospital, and many outpatient appointments will be cancelled to free up more staff. Strike plans were finalised on 19 December, so our fate is now sealed. While the Government has warned that the military will be asked to drive ambulances, it now appears that the Police Federation has suggested police officers may be called upon to drive ambulances too. Volunteer St John Ambulances, military transport and even taxis will be used to transport less critically ill people to and from hospital.


Job advert—NHS Trust advertises ‘Director for Lived Experience’

£115,000 per year is the generous salary being offered to the lucky candidate who will be appointed ‘Director for Lived Experience’ for the Midlands Partnership, an NHS Foundation Trust in Staffordshire. Whoever gets the job must be able to tackle power imbalance within the health service. The application goes on to state: “The director will broker psychologically safe environments that allow people to co-produce and become equal partners in their care”—word soup for ‘we will allow the taxpayers to look after themselves and will expect them to pay again for it’.

The director will also be responsible for creating ‘brave spaces’ where patients and families can give feedback on the Trust. If you are thinking of applying, be quick and make sure you are ‘interpersonally talented’ and a strategic ‘bridge builder’. It appears we must have a lot of broken bridges in the NHS. In my opinion, this is a prime example of where NHS money is wasted. 

The successful applicant will also have ‘experience of a life-altering health condition’, with significant use of secondary health services in which significant power imbalances have been experienced. Those who have always had good health need not apply, then. Does this constitute discrimination? As this is the first role of its kind within the NHS, I can’t help hoping it is short-lived and that the successful applicant’s salary will be put to far better use than lining the pocket of another middle manager.

You can view all NHS management positions here, including the advertisement for Director of People with Kettering Trust. I am waiting for a vacancy for ‘Vaccine Injury Director’ to appear, as I may be tempted to apply.


Strep A

I couldn’t end the year without giving Strep A another mention. With surgeries, pharmacies and paediatric admissions to Accident and Emergency wards overflowing, as predicted by UK Column News, we now have an antibiotic shortage and the Government is having to draw up emergency alternative protocols to deal with a shortage that, at the beginning of the week, it denied even existed. How quickly times change. According to the UK Health Security Agency, there are three times more cases of scarlet fever than usual. Traditionally, it is treated with antibiotics—penicillin being the most commonly used. 

The five new protocols (SSPs) allow pharmacists to provide patients with alternatives if they don’t have a particular prescription in stock. Yes, you read that right: it is now up to the pharmacist to decide what is best for your child, not the doctor. Do you know what your child is taking, and have you been given an informed choice? Always check the expiry date and any serious adverse reactions and contraindications.

Remember, if your child suddenly deteriorates and has a high fever and possibly a rash, dial 999 for an ambulance. If your child is happily sucking on an ice pop watching a film on TV or their ‘device’, just keep an eye on them and use your own judgement. Parents know their children best. 


NHS urge parents to get children flu nasal vaccine to protect against Strep A

The UK Health Security Agency has been very busy stirring the fear pot—not that anyone would notice; everything the UKHSA does is, of course, in our best interests. The NHS website is urging parents of two- and three-year-olds to take their children for the nasal flu ‘vaccine’ to better protect them against Strep A. You will be reassured to know that a study (not yet peer-reviewed and only at pre-print stage) shows that children who catch influenza are at greater risk from subsequent infections, including group Strep A (GAS). What better time to get your child protected?

Please note that fact checkers have been out in force denying many reports on social media that the flu vaccination has been linked directly to Strep A. They are very keen to shut that story down as soon as possible. As I always reiterate, please do your own research, join your own dots, find your own truth and make an informed decision that is in the best interests of you and your family. If I were a parent of a youngster growing up in 2022, I would step back from all ‘vaccines’; and as a granny, I will be advising my children to do the same with their own children. We are entering a very dangerous new world. 


NHS visits every care home delivering ‘life-saving jabs’

Who knew this was happening at pace and by stealth? According to the NHS website, every care home in England has been visited by NHS staff to offer what they call ‘life-saving’ Covid boosters and flu jabs, to ensure residents have maximum protection from winter viruses—thereby magnanimously allowing them to spend time with families and friends during Christmas and New Year. 15,000 care homes have been visited and 88.6% of residents are now reported as having had a Covid booster ahead of Christmas and the New Year.



With the January MHRA board meeting looming and no notification that it was time to secure my ticket, I decided to look for a link to book one. However, I can find no link or reference to any of the dates for the board meetings as announced by Chair Stephen Lightfoot in this MHRA Board meeting at 2:20:38. 17 January 2023 is the date of the next board meeting; will it be held in public, or are they going undercover and holding it in private? I have emailed Dame June Raine to ask for clarification. Watch this space. 


Breathless Hubs for COPD

Another day, another hub. A dictionary definition of this noun, which appears now to have become embedded in our everyday language, is: the central part of a wheel, a centre of activity—focal point, a central device that connects multiple computers on a single network. Anyone diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease (COPD) will soon be trotting along to their local ‘hub’ for diagnosis and advice. Get ready: a breathless hub will be in your town sometime very soon.

Asthma and Lung UK's annual report said a quarter of their patients are waiting five years or more before their condition is diagnosed, with 12% of 6,500 patients surveyed having waited for over a decade. With over seven million patients on the waiting list to start treatment, the NHS will now be piloting the use of pre-diagnosis breathlessness pathways as matter of urgency.

Any patient presenting with breathlessness will be referred to the hub to have a heart, respiratory and mental health assessment before being referred onwards for specialist treatment where necessary. I am unsure why a mental health assessment would be relevant to a respiratory disease that can clearly be diagnosed using specific clinical criteria.



Here we go, another warning to pregnant mums: listeria this time. Please carry on and get your experimental mRNA jab, and don’t forget the flu jab whilst you are at it, but for goodness' sake stay away from salmon over the festive season. Listeria is mild for most, but it can cause miscarriage during pregnancy, sepsis or meningitis in newborn babies. It can be fatal for the vulnerable. The Food Safety Agency has issued a recall for two trout products sold by Lidl: the Deluxe Oak Smoked Scottish Loch Trout and Lighthouse Bay Smoked Trout Trimmings.

As a new mum in the 1980s, I remember very well being terrified to eat soft cheese because of the listeria risk to my unborn baby. It seems we must now be scared of food—but not of an mRNA experimental injection. How convenient.


Please, Santa, can we have Calpol and baby wipes for Christmas?

Startling headlines that the BBC is rolling out. According to a BBC report, parents are requesting household items and clothing from support groups set up to provide gifts for struggling families. The Kindness Project in Cardiff help hundreds of people and says that parents who are unable to heat their homes and who are going without food have had to put presents at the bottom of the budget. The project organisers report parents asking for Calpol (a juvenile painkiller) and baby wipes.


Royal Christmas Party—Meghan and Harry appear not to be welcome

It appears that our new King has not extended an invitation to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to attend a right royal knees-up at Christmas. A bit of a kick in the teeth when we read Prince Andrew has been invited. I am sure that if you are feeling cold, Harry’s new book Spare, which is due to be released on 10 January, will soon have your temperature rising with more spicy revelations.


King Charles' first Christmas Speech

It is understood by the Daily Telegraph that King Charles has not edited his speech after the recent revelatory broadcast by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Netflix. In the first televised Christmas speech ever made by a male monarch, the speech is expected to pay tribute to the late Queen and will most likely not be availing himself of the opportunity to make any statement in response to his son’s reality TV show.


World Economic Forum—Davos returns to the snow

Klaus Schwab will be packing his skis at New Year as the World Economic Forum annual summit returns to a winter wonderland backdrop. Back in its customary venue and seasonal slot on 15–20 January 2023, the Davos do will see all the top movers and shakers discussing Russia, Ukraine, climate change and trust in their own organisation. Everyone who is ‘anyone’ will be there, including AstraZeneca’s Executive Vice-President of Oncology, Dave Fredrickson.  

A recent survey by international research agency Glocalities found public mistrust of the WEF, but before you get too excited, please remember that previous protests by climate activists and Greta Thunberg admonished the participants at WEF Davos 2020 that the world was ‘still on fire’. The poll found that out of 26,000 respondents in 25 countries, four out of ten say they didn’t trust the WEF, compared with fewer than three in ten who said they did. The rest were undecided.


Will it be a white Christmas?

According to the Met Office, nothing has been ruled out. It's probably a little bit early to say at the time of writing, but by the time you are reading this, we will have more idea. Certainly, the long range forecast for 18–27 December suggests that there may well be some wintry weather for the Christmas week. However, it is predicted to be changeable, with a greater chance of colder weather in the north, along with wintry showers. Don’t put the thermals or the hot water bottles away too quickly.

I promised a little festive sparkle, and that is what I hope to deliver in this section. With so much grief being cast out but the mainstream media, we must not forget who we are, what we stand for and what we have already achieved

In this dark, demonic world, there is light in every corner, even though it may not always be obvious. Imagine an undecorated Christmas tree. Now untangle the lights from last year and do the obligatory switch-on test to check they are all working. For those old enough to remember, back in the day, Christmas tree lights were very temperamental—a byword in physics lessons for the drawbacks of serial circuitry—and often only a few would light up. I would be given the task of checking that every bulb was correctly slotted or screwed into place, and then, flicker by flicker, a few would sparkle, whilst others remained obstinately dark.

The Christmas tree lights represent every single one of us, and every day there are more and more lights sparkling, as each one switches on. But remember, they may flicker first, so go gently. Compared to last year, the Christmas tree of humanity looks pretty splendid, as it bursts forth with so much more light. Of course, there are still quite a few bulbs not yet on or that are still flickering weakly—but miracles are happening, hidden in plain sight. If we all aim to enable one bulb to switch on, imagine what our Christmas tree will look like next year. 

We must all pat ourselves on the back and take a bow. We have come a long way in three years. Many have lost loved ones and good friends, both by death and by estrangement through irreconcilable differences of opinion or belief. Some families have been ripped apart needlessly, whilst others live with the effects of illness as a result of psychological torture caused by lockups, lack of care, refusal of treatment, or vaccine or novel medicine injury. Even though the deliberate disruption continues and the world implodes, we must remain resolute and calm, knowing that it is not us that are mad, it is those in ‘control’.

You would have to be mad to come up with a ‘Great Reset’, surely. No matter how finely tuned any plan is, there is always room for it to go wrong. The world is currently home to around eight billion of us, and even with the best AI and magic in the world, no-one could cast a spell on all of us, not even Satan himself. Our oppressors are banking on sowing disruption, chaos and fear among their victims; they’re not banking on all of us seeing them, exposing them and disrupting their plans. 

However bad it feels and might feel in the future, there is always a silver lining to every black cloud, no matter how sinister. The silver lining is truth, connection, honesty, integrity, trust and love. It is a sudden awakening of the masses and a bonding between us that is powerful, invaluable—and, above all, that is free.

Make a New Year resolution that allows you to say no more often. Pay with cash wherever you can, and walk out of places that snort at cash. Support local shops, farms and traders. Seed truth in as many as you can, with gentle dignity. Make yourself known to those whom you can help and those who can help you, should services and power go down. Prepare as best as you can, but don’t panic.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at UK Column for making me feel so welcome and allowing me the opportunity to report on the health stories currently dominating our news. I could not produce this blog without Josie at the UK Column office and Alex Thomson editing it for me every week, so that it reads as it should. It is very much a team effort! Grammar was never my strongest point, but I am learning!

It is an absolute privilege to be working with such an amazing team and I feel very blessed. To all of you who e-mail me, research with me, work with me, confide in me and support me—I’m sending you a huge THANK YOU. Your kind words keep me going and makes me all the more determined never to give up. 2022 has been a big year, and I am in no doubt that 2023 will be even bigger one for news.

Finally, I would like to end by wishing you all a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Continue to question everything, trust your intuition and your own truth, join your own dots, and be kind to yourself and others. 

Until next year, big hugs,

By love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13