Cover art for Outsourced World vol. I, used with author's permission
What were the Nineties all about? That is the key question answered on many levels by G.R. Wilson in the first volume of his adventures, Outsourced World.
Where is the Britain that I used to know?
At midnight on 14 April, several buses with civilians on board left the terrorist besieged Kafarya and Foua areas of northern Syria, as part of the so-called “four towns deal”. A journey which should have taken forty five minutes, took more than seven hours as terrorist groups forced to buses to stop at several villages held by them along the way. At each of these stops, armed men taunted and threatened them.
The third in a series of articles investigating the Global Citizen movement. How will the system be set up?
More on the driving forces behind Scottish Nationalism. A follow-up to "Nationhood versus Nationalism"
Sticks and stones may break my bones, goes the children’s rhyme, but words can never hurt me. This old playground chant may soon require updating. Words, you see, do not necessarily have the meanings you think.
In the last days of the Obama administration, after presiding over eight years of counterproductive “nation building”, a very surprising series of events unfolded over the Christmas / new-year holidays. First, on December 23rd, we had a UN resolution (number 2334) on Palestine, one critical of recent Israeli policy, and yet not vetoed by the USA.
The British press have long had the tendency to sensationalise the mundane and, in relation to issues of national significance, either omit them entirely or report deliberately skewed half truths and untruths.
Western Confusion Highlighted in Scottish National Socialism