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Labour MP Sian James And Her Thugs Try To Hide Causes Of South Wales Suicides

Labour MP Sian James employed an intimidating mob to try and frighten off those attending my Swansea talk on causes of suicides in young people in South Wales. Police and Swansea Local Council attempted to close the venue. Why?

On Thursday 26 Jan 2012, with Swansea Labour MP Sian James and her howling, intimidating mob outside, I  gave a presentation entitled "Are our Children Safe - An investigation of Politics and Suicide Risks". Helped by detailed research by local South Wales residents, who are extremely concerned at suicide risks to their children, my talk investigated causes of suicides in young people in Bridgend and South Wales. At times, the audience, which included men and women, white and black, of faith and none, was visibly  shocked as I exposed over 40 suicides, political and press reaction, the hidden dangers of conflicting Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP sources affecting children and young people, dark and disturbing dance and drama concerning abuse and suicides backed by the National Theatre Wales, dark 'creative drama' for youngsters in Community Halls, perverted film making for 14 yr olds covering suicide backed by the Lottery, Creative Visualisation, risks to the mental health of children by early, excessive sex education, risks from Cameron's 'Behavioural Change Units' and more. Topics also included rising police suicides and the complex shadowy network of funded organisations claiming to help prevent suicides, of which Oxford's Mindfulness Centre raises many questions.

So desperate were the Local Authorities to stop the talk that Swansea Council and the police tried to bully the venue, Samlet Social club into pulling out. Bravely they did not. Ms James' thugs did however cause sufficient alarm and distress to intimidate and stop some people from entering the building. Betraying true old Labour supporters. Ms James MP teamed up with rapid Tory student activist Zahid Raja who blogged "..Brian, a well-known proponent of fascism, [speaking] on faux-issues that underpin Islamaphobic propaganda..."

Like many political novices rabid Raja failed to check his facts and dismisses over 40 suicides as a non-issue. I have given over 200 talks to audiences of all colours, creeds, faiths and political views. In addition, both the British Constitution Group and Lawful Rebellion welcome all truthful, honest and caring people of all backgrounds. I have spoken in Birmingham Central mosque and have an invitation to speak again. I will speak to any group who asks me, and I never judge individual people by label - political, organisation or other. As my web article on  the Leveson Inquiry warns - the loss of free speech is the most dangerous attack on us all.

Forgive me Ms James and Zahid Raja, isn't it the Labour, Tory and Lib Dem parties under Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg that have killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and are now attacking Syria and Iran - at a cost of the lives of hundreds of British military - black, white, christian, muslim and of no faith. You are both disgusting in your hypocrisy. The usual cowardly MP, Ms James refused to explain her conduct when I called her press team. She is clearly not interested in the South Wales suicides and their causes.

But why should Ms James resort to this gutter mob politics? Because her Swansea Council, other Local Authorities and the Welsh Assembly are terrified of the scale and true nature of these suicides coming out. It is the LibLabCon's psycho socio economic political attack which is now destroying young lives, and suicide clusters are appearing across UK and Northern Ireland. Please research Gramsci and Alinsky ideology in Labour and the LibCon politics, to see and understand the blatant psycho political attack on our families, society and Nation state.