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    Alex S
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    I’m not the only one who’s been dealing with this lately, right?

    A warning that influenza is a “significant public health concern” this winter has been issued by England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer as a nasty and virulent cold sweeps the UK, flooring people for weeks at a time.

    The illness – described by one sufferer as the ‘the worst lurgy ever’ – is spreading across the UK, with the South West, North West and London all being particularly badly affected.

    It comes as England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam warned that influenza is a “significant public health concern” this winter – because our natural immunity has been lowered by two years of lockdowns, social distancing, increased hand-washing and mask-wearing.

    On Friday, Professor Van-Tam said: “Not many people got flu last year because of Covid-19 restrictions, so there isn’t as much natural immunity in our communities as usual.

    “We will see flu circulate this winter; it might be higher than usual and that makes it a significant public health concern.

    “Covid-19 will still be circulating and with more people mixing indoors, sadly some increases are possible.

    “For the first time we will have Covid-19 and flu co-circulating. We need to take this seriously and defend ourselves and the NHS by getting the annual flu jab and the Covid-19 booster when called.

    “Both these viruses are serious: they can both spread easily, cause hospitalisation and they can both be fatal. It is really important that people get their vaccines as soon as they can.”

    UK Health Security Agency chief executive Dr Jenny Harries also said there is lower immunity to flu this year.

    Asked how worried the public should be about flu this winter, she told Sky’s Trevor Phillips On Sunday: “We should be worried about flu each winter. I think people still don’t realise it can be a fatal disease. Recent studies suggest that about 25% of us don’t actually understand that. On average, over the last five years, about 11,000 people have died with flu-related conditions.

    “But I think the important thing about this winter is, we are likely to see flu, for the first time in any real numbers, co-circulating with Covid.

    “So the risks of catching both together still remain. And if you do that, then early evidence suggests that you are twice as likely to die from having two together, than just having Covid alone.

    “So I think it’s an uncertain winter ahead – that’s not a prediction it’s an uncertain feature – but we do know that flu cases have been lower in the previous year so immunity and the strain types are a little more uncertain.”

    Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said: “This year we are rolling out the largest flu vaccine programme in our history, alongside the new Covid-19 booster vaccine rollout; both are important to provide vital protection not only to yourself, but also your loved ones while also helping to ease pressure on the NHS.

    “The Covid-19 vaccine programme is a fantastic example of how successful vaccination programmes can be – with around 130,000 lives saved.

    “It is vital we continue that incredible progress with all those eligible ensuring they get both their flu and Covid-19 booster injections as soon as they are invited.”

    People can book their free NHS flu vaccine via pharmacies or they can wait for their GP surgery to contact them.

    Those eligible for a coronavirus booster jab are being told to wait until they are contacted, although health and social care workers can book one online via the NHS website.

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    Well, well, there’s a surprise, our ‘Health’ Ministers putting the frighteners on us to announce a double death attack of covid+flu. And the only way out? The “Vaccines” of course!

    We are so lucky to be so well looked after.
    I expect that is what the Jewish people thought as they were told a special place awaited them at the end of the train journey.

    Lord charles
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    They Just never give up with the fear propaganda do they, I wonder what happens if you get a stinker of a cold like an NHS Practitioner (unvaxxed totally against it) family Member has at the moment has at the moment ,she is planning on going into work tomorrow lets see how that pans out

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    There is a cold doing the rounds in my neck of the woods. What’s the first thing people rush out and do? Hsveca big fat guess.

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    Sorry for typo. Sausage fingers!

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    I’ve just begun to read “Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America” by Qiao Lang & Wang Xiangsui (2004). Here are a few relevant sections from the introduction and first chapter…

    “Unrestricted Warfare is the People’s Liberation Army manual for asymmetric warfare and the waging of war, strategically and tactically, using weapons not limited to bullets, bombs, missiles, and artillery shells.”


    “As Sun Tzu once wrote, “If one party is at war with another, and the other party does not realize it is at war, the party who knows it’s at war almost always has the advantage and usually wins.”


    “…Technological progress has given us the means to strike out the enemies nerve centre directly without harming other things, giving us numerous new options for achieving victory, and all these make people believe that the best way to achieve victory is to control, not to kill.”


    Non-lethal (kinder) weapons can effectively eliminate the combat capabilities of personnel and equipment without loss of life.


    To take away a tanks combat capabilities one can use cannons or missiles to destroy it, or the laser beam can be used to destroy its optical equipment or blind it’s crew. On the battlefield, someone who is injured requires more care than someone who is killed, and unmanned weapons can eliminate increasingly expensive protective facilities. Certainly those developing kinder weapons have already done cost-effectiveness calculations of this. Casualties can strip away an enemy’s combat capabilities, causing him to panic and lose the will to fight, so this may be considered an extremely worthwhile way to achieve victory. Today, we already have enough technology, and we can create many methods of causing fear which are more effective […]


    (Page 40: Note 16): New-concept weapons primarily include kinetic-energy weapons, directed-energy weapons, subsonic weapons, geophysical weapons, metrological weapons, solar energy weapons, and GENE weapons, etc. (New Military Perspectives for the Next Century, Military Science Publishing House, 1997 edition, page 3).

    We are at war: but the vast majority of the population are unaware war is being waged upon them, through information, fear, etc. Now I understand why peaceful protesters are being severely injured by so-called non-lethal weapons e.g. rubber bullets to the face, eyes & genitals etc. It appears therefore to be an attempt to obtain control by fear and by oppression.

    For the sake of clarity, I am not assuming that China either is or is not to blame here, as naming China in the title of this book may be an attempt at misdirection.

    “Democracy,” a system of the two party state in which both parties are controlled by the same force, and whilst they may squabble over insignificant issues, to give the impression of opposing one another, they actually follow the same basic ideology. This is why the inhabitants of democracies soon discover that it doesn’t matter who they vote for, nothing ever changes.
    “A twisted sense of morality in one person, or a few, can result in the murder of one person, or even dozens, but that same twisted

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    “We are at war: but the vast majority of the population are unaware war is being waged upon them,”

    This is the crux of the problem.

    The enemy is winning because they won the 2 battles of
    1 making people believe there is a deadly virus and
    2 to instil terror to take over the ordinary people’s minds.

    3 Is to get them to have their injection, and they are doing well here.

    Now people are too scared to let go of the rescue-mechanism, the “vaccine” offered them for the terrible threat, the virus, they believe they live under. They would rather “play safe” and have the “vaccine” because they cannot see past stages 1 and 2 of the war.

    They cannot let go of their false security. They fulfil the Banker’s design:

    Globalist Banker Predicted Scamdemic & Genocide of The Useless

    We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated.

    We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.

    The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own:

    they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”

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    This sequence of videos may interest you.

    The Fall of The Cabal: The Sequel
    The Fall of The Cabal: The Sequel
    Red Pill Support

    The Fall of The Cabal
    The Sequel
    an educational documentary 18 part & overrun video series
    by Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter

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    Appropriate I think to again mention the W.H.O. histogram graph of the number of cases of ‘Flu last year….. you remember? The one that Mike & Brian have oft shown, in which there are NO cases logged worldwide post June of 2020. Not even in southern hemisphere countries that were in their Winter. Nada. Zilch. Zero cases GLOBALLY.

    And then Chris TWhitty is live on UK national Television proudly proclaiming that “we’ve gotten rid of ‘Flu this year”. Some claim.
    And I was therefore surprised that he was not announced as the winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize for medicine for that feat. And that he was not also summoned to the Vatican and beatified for having brought about that miracle.

    So – Jonathan Van Tam, Jenny Harries [et al] – where did ‘Flu ‘go’? Was it hiding in a cave in Wuhan? Or festering in the bodies of us dirty unvaxed asymptomatic super-spreaders? And if so, why has it suddenly re-emerged this year to be such a fearful prospect that co-infection with both ‘Flu and Covid presents a doubling of our chance of dying from the combo? (Note: not just being ill, or even seriously ill, but actually dying. What Brian might term ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ I would suggest).

    If we are all so at risk from combo Covid&Flu this year – post vaccination rollout – then should we not have been even more at risk last year when there were no covid ‘vaccines’?
    Oh sorry, yes, I was forgetting – we ‘got rid of ‘flu last year’. That must be the explanation? Of course it is.

    Do they think we all came down with yesterday’s rain-showers?

    Conflating ‘Flu with Covid, and anything else they’d care to throw into the mix {insert name of preferred Greek Letter here}, and of course the ‘vaccines’ which have no {cough} ill effects, all serves to confuse the issue and give ‘them’ the excuse of ‘plausible deniability’ in regard to vaccine damage, and to roll-out further ‘variants of concern’ as a mask when they are needed (much like 16,000 cases that ‘got left off the bottom of the .xls spreadsheets limited to c.65,000 lines ‘which we use for internal comms and data transfer’, despite the fact that we use newer .xlsx files with over a million data lines. Don’t mention the fact that the .xlsx files are also made available for public download!!).

    These bastards are LYING.
    It’s in their DNA. Actually – it just occurred to me – an anagram of ‘lie’ and ‘dna’ is ‘denial’. How weird is that?

    “We’re gonna need a bigger Dock”.

    " Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men ". [Group Captain, Sir Douglas Bader, DSO, DFC]
    " It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled ". [Mark Twain].
    " Our Tinfoil Hats have turned into Crowns of Knowledge ". [Anon].

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    T Hutchinson
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    Two elderly friends who have taken both injections, recently had their flu jabs as they do each year with no particular reactions. This year both have been very ill with flu like symptoms. Are they priming the population for ADEs to be classified as flu I wonder.

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    Just a minuet, is this the reaction our minority anti-vax experts have been warning about.
    The bodies over reaction to a simple infection, after having had a jab ?
    Is that what we a seeing ?

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    Lord Gruff Of Chaol Ghleann
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    Nobody knows how the covid non-vaccine and the flu vaccine will interact in the body. NOBODY!

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    Lord Gruff, we’ve also been told (last year) by that utter cnut Hancock, that if your second jab of the same type is unavailable, then it is perfectly safe to take another TYPE of vaccine as your 2nd top-up shot.

    The vaccine companies are RIVALS. They do NOT collaborate on anything. There is NO way that ANY trials have been conducted by ANYBODY into how the different vaccine types react with each other. NONE. Interactions have not been studied, anywhere, ever by the Pharma companies involved.

    Well. Actually, I’ll qualify that. The ONLY way that would happen is if anybody wished to investigate whether an interaction might be used as a weapon….. i.e. exposure to a second concoction (which on its own might be harmless) could then react with the first dose of a different ‘vaccine’ and then become toxic.

    That’s the way two-component nerve agents work. Just saying like………

    " Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men ". [Group Captain, Sir Douglas Bader, DSO, DFC]
    " It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled ". [Mark Twain].
    " Our Tinfoil Hats have turned into Crowns of Knowledge ". [Anon].

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    Friend of the Column

    I see they have wheeled out the the SPI-B pycho Susan Michie pushing for face nappies to be reintroduced for winter

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    Yes the mix of c vaccines and flu vaccines is an horrific thought. There has been no assessment for those on regular meds, let alone a combi of vaccines! Not only that, but according to a recent hospital letter I received recently, those who are really vulnerable are to have three C vaccines, plus a booster, plus the flu vaccine! I predict some bad autoimmune responses…or worse!

    I recently saw to older villager’s I had not seen for well over a year. I almost passed them in the street because I did not recognise them! Both had significant weight loss, and were very pale and frail looking. These were two women who were avid church goers, were in choir and WI. You know the type…really tough, proactive, old school can do sort. They look like they’ve had their blood and soul drained right out of them. Another jab will finish them. I’m certain.

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