UK Column News - 2nd November 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.



00:22 All-Cause Mortality: ONS figures
Finally a mainstream media report on the deaths crisis: Daily Telegraph
Brian Gerrish recounts instance of BBC being forbidden from reporting jab effects
04:23 Notice Under Regulation 3(4) of HSR 2002: NHS data-sharing beyond patients' control


Eastern European wars

06:16 Ukraine: Pro-Russian hacker tells RIA Novosti how he hacked Ukrainian C3
08:08 UK Foreign Office tweets its account of Russia's destabilising of Ukrainian cyber systems
08:41 £6m British cyber support package for Ukraine
09:06 UN News: Black Sea Grain deal shipments on hold following Russia's suspension of Ukraine grain export agreement due to safe seafaring corridor having been used for war
#BlackSeaGrainInitiative: tweet by Amir M. Abdulla on need for food exports via Ukraine
Bloomberg: Russia agrees to resume grain export deal tomorrow
11:06 Invasion of Armenia: Putin meets President Aliyev of Azerbaijan in Sochi
12:10 RTÉ Late Show: Christine Lagarde—not just talking economy but also “Putin is sick” 



15:45 Breitbart: Bill Gates' meeting with UK opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer—theme: Global Health and Climate
18:00 BIll Gates and Infosys (linked to Rishi Sunak): does 2002 press release indicate conflict of interest?
22:20 King and PM: billionaires' old boys' meeting as Tobias Ellwood says "the free market experiment is over" and Breitbart realises the coup is complete


Digital currency

23:40 Fr Calvin Robinson notes CBDC is no longer conspiracy theory
25:00 2021 clip: Sunak proud of CBDC progress


Plans involving Britain (Passively)

27:20 Brian Gerrish traces Rishi Sunak’s priorities list (The British public isn’t on it)
29:17 RUSI (military think tank) furthering Global Britain in Eastern Africa
30:25 FCDO spending (UK Column's latest data campaign): Case study of taxpayers' money given to Torchlight Solutions Ltd—which was unfortunately wound up at the time
Torchlight ex-director Andy Miller was a Foreign Office man for 21 years



Gratitude at UK CV Family to UK Column donors
Join the Liberty Tactics podcastathon this weekend for the Welsh mothers against child sexualisation



38:11 WEF Metaverse: May announcement on virtual global collaboration village and new clip
You'll be buying your house in the metaverse
Your children will be spending three days a week in the metaverse
Facebook is not what's driving this
WEF Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
WEF page on South African "philanthropist" Precious Moloi-Motsepe
WEF page on Reliance Industries
WEF page on Salesforce
Clip: Sonia Poulton says no to cashless society


Warmth and protection

50:06 UN protects journalists (like UK Column?) 
Joint statement by Western embassies on journalists: are they interested in Julian Assange? or all the journalists on the Myrotvorets kill list? or Richard D Hall?

51:46 Islington Council Communal Heating changes: reduced heating season to save costs
Leader of the Council, Cllr Kaya Comer-Schwartz, might be able to answer questions


Huge money in jabs—even before people are born

54:19 MHRA Board Meeting ticket booking time is here again
55:19 Independent: Dozens of children vaccine-overdosed
56:23 Health Service Journal (HSJ) Patient Safety Congress: £199 to hear the Patient Safety Commissioner, Dr Henrietta Hughes
58:03 Citeline: the new name for Datamonitor pharmaceutical consultancy/intelligence
Cambridge Cluster: more magic than medicine

VacZine Analytics helps its clients predict the market for immune-based therapies
Graphs show exponential growth of jab industry: trebled to £60 billion

Cambridgeshire Live: Norovirus scare in Peterborough (see also Debi Evans' blog)
Express: Young children flu season warning
Forbes: First RSV vaccine on the horizon—Pfizer trial

1:04:39 EndPoints NewsPfizer declares first-ever Phase III success for RSV vaccine in infants—immunity in utero

Appeal to viewers: Who is VacZine Analytics' John Savopoulos (pharmaceutical intelligence)? Is he related to the other Savopoulos noted at the company? What is his background?


Final health items

1:06:41 Bird flu (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza / HPAI): UK in a protection zone, millions of turkeys culled—ITVDaily Mail
Concern for other species: endangered penguins (Telegraph), seals

1:08:14 South West Water pumps raw sewage into the sea (again): ITV

1:09:33 And finally: Memes