Standing Up To Be Counted: Andrew Bridgen MP speaks to UK Column about Covid–19 policy and vaccine concerns

Andrew Bridgen has been the dedicated and productive Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire since 2010, following a successful career in business. He has helped thousands of constituents and run many high-profile campaigns over the past decade, ensuring his constituents have a strong voice in Westminster. Prior to politics, he attended local state schools and Nottingham University. He also trained as an officer in the Royal Marines. 

In most people’s expectation, Andrew Bridgen’s professional background and highly capable performance as a Member of Parliament would surely have set him up to progress both to a ministerial position and within the Conservative Party. Yet this was not to be. Why? Because Andrew Bridgen had the courage to stand up in parliament and express his concerns over Covid–19 policy and vaccines.

He recently secured two Adjournment Debates (13 December 2022 and 17 March 2023) on the issue. He found himself initially speaking to just a handful of MPs on both occasions; even their paltry numbers were to be further depleted as some were actively encouraged to leave the chamber, unprecedentedly being whipped across party lines in front of the cameras.

What, then, was Andrew Bridgen’s reward for having the courage to stand up and speak out about Covid–19 policy and vaccine safety? A rapid withdrawal of the Conservative whip and widespread personal vilification in the UK’s mainstream press and media. He now sits as an Independent. 

But what did Andrew Bridgen say to deserve this cancelling, and just what does he really believe regarding public health safety around Covid–19 and vaccines that makes him anathema to the political and media power base? UK Column is delighted to give Andrew Bridgen MP the freedom to speak his mind. Join us.