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    I have just been listening to the truly excellent and very precise Dr David Martin give his evidence to Reiner Fuellmich, David lays out the timeline of the various patents going back to 2001, the Patent Registree’s and clearly strikes a seam of solid gold evidence. Best judge for yourselves…

    Original title on Bitchute was “SPIKE PROTEIN DEPOPULATION PATENTS SINCE 2002!”

    A matter must be expressed to be resolved: "He who fails to assert his rights has none.”
    “Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.” : Always do your own due diligence!
    “A twisted sense of morality in one person, or a few, can result in the murder of one person, or even dozens, but that same twisted sense of morality in just a few people, when they get hold of the machine called “government,” can result in the murder of millions.” Larken Rose - ‘The Most Dangerous Superstition’

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    Fitzroy H
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    This needs beaming out to the world endlessly until the powers that be have to admit that the whole thing is a fraud and that Fauci and his chums should all face very long jail sentences..

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    Lord charles
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    As we knew all along this is a Global Deception the people behind it are Criminals , all our Polititicans are Liars and up to their necks in it.
    Its a plan being rolled out to destroy Humanity as we know it because these Psychos want to Play God, they are idiots with too much power following an Ideology that is meddling with Nature and the true outcomes are completley unknow its an experiment at our expense.

    How dare these selfish Bastards Take it upon themselves to decide that our Loved ones, Our Children , Our Grand children should be used in a Hideous experiment with complete disregard than many will Die, because a few rich people totally out of touch with the real world have decided this is the right way to reduce world population they call us “Useless eaters ” they would be nothing without our combined efforts throughout history – they all got rich by Lying to us all simple as that !

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    I get, “It’s all about the money.” up to a point. I don’t get why the enormous planning in the WEF, Great Reset and all that, is not more relevant.

    I do believe this is about a big change in how the world economy is manipulated by those people who have been running the whole thing for years and now have been forced to change tack, as they knew they would, because their giant Ponzi scheme has eventually eaten itself. I still think these people have long been working on a plan to make themselves more powerful and separate from the hoi-polloi and to turn the world into a playground just for themselves, free of the great unwashed, except for the odd necessary one or two servants. The population cull as designated by the Georgia Guidestones is, I am sure, built in to this distribution of the injection. Their hubris is such that they really think it will all happen: The future with cyborgs instead of real humans, living in towns with no freedom.

    It concerns me that, although this is about the revelation of the Patents and the facts that the virus is very old and created and owned because it is not natural, the main crime here is the injury to people. Loss of liberty and financial ruin are two aspects. But people have been defrauded into having a terribly dangerous substance injected into them with horrendous consequences. I cannot think that this is just a mere by-product of their aim to make money from the sale of the “vaccines” of which they own patents over so many parts. The involvement of Gates has revealed his excited anticipation of “the next pandemic” which he said would probably be a bioweapon. I think he enjoys the pain and suffering it brings to so many, as much as the increase to his wealth.

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    Lord charles: Well said! Perfectly said. You put it how I wish I could have expressed myself! Thank you!

    I wonder what they will do, the people. If and when people find out the truth, when people actually learn that those people to whom they listened as they read out the lists of dead, who told them to stay at home, were actually doing it to take all the money. That they were killing their elderly relatives, and then younger ones and pumping artificial virus into them calling it “vaccine” making them believe it was going to save them from what turned out to be a bioweapon virus they had deliberately released on the world so they could do this…

    If only there could come a day when the people realise that the Media and their Government have been – are – torturing them like this and people would wake up and see the terrible truth! They would realise that all their TV idols, those people they had listened to who were telling them to “take the ‘vaccine'”, were all out to harm them – just to get rich! Those people they thought were so nice! Those people in actual fact just wanted them … well… dead in fact. It didn’t matter to any of them so long as people kept “taking the ‘vaccine'”.

    Imagine the crowds, bigger than enough to fill many football stadia, pouring into London to besiege Parliament and the BBC. It would be absolute anarchy!

    I do hope people will have their eyes opened now that this has been revealed. I do hope Boris Johnson, Handcock and the rest don’t run away before the people get them….

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    Also on odysee.

    This is the agregious horror and malignant truth of the big pharma cartel, with patented documented evidence.

    Its time to end this……………..

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