Propaganda and the 9/11 ‘Global War on Terror' - Dr David Hughes

Dr David Hughes: Questions Not Asked: 9/11 and the Academy

Inaugural Webinar Event:- Sunday 10 October, 1pm-5.30pm (British Summer Time)

Presented by the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global ‘War on Terror’

21st Century Wire's Patrick Henningsen introduces Dr. David Hughes.

David A. Hughes received his M.A. from Christ Church, Oxford, his M.St. from Worcester College, Oxford, and holds doctorates in German Studies and International Relations from Duke University and Oxford Brookes University, respectively. Since 2013, he has taught International Relations at the University of East Anglia, Royal Holloway (University of London), Nottingham Trent University, and the University of Lincoln.


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