CFR Member: 200 Million Casualties If Israel Attacks Iran

Netanyahu is determined to be Israel's last Prime Minister, according to W. Scott Thompson, former Assistant to the Secretary of Defence during the Reagan years, current CFR and International Institute of Strategic Studies member.

Writing in Burma's New Strait Times, Thompson discusses the prospects of "freedom" for nations around the world. He argues that while there are still many countries around the world which are not yet "free", the trend is very much for "freedom" in this "partially gloablised world", and that should offer "hope". For W. Scott Thompson, "freedom" and "hope" seem to be directly proportional to regime change, where the new regime is a member of the CFR/RIIA/Bilderberg globalist club.

But his main concerns for the planet relate to Iran, and particularly Israel's present position.

The biggest danger hovering over Mother Earth right now is the apparent determination of Bibi Netanyahu to be the last Israeli prime minister. Having known him a bit for 36 years, I'd still say he was the worst possible choice anywhere to lead a country.

Current estimates of "worst case" scenarios, which look to me like obvious scenarios if he lets loose on Iran, show two hundred million casualties from direct hits to spreading radiation. If we can just get through 2012 without his personal apotheosis, I can conclude that we are moving into a far more hopeful world.

Hopeful for whom?