Satanic Fabian Warmongers

Tony Blair's conversion to Catholicism is laughable. He and his witch of a wife profess to be Christians, supposedly qualified tocomment on the religions future, and yet, have been known to enjoy howling at the moon from time to time.

As is well recognised, Blair is a genocidal war monger. So while much of his work may sit under the general public's radar these days, it will come as no surprise that he is up to no good in the Middle East.

Having incited Israel's recent insane attack on Gaza, he is now point man in the continuing drive to get Israel to attack Iran. Yes, that's right, now that Cheney is gone, and the (at least financially) floundering Obama administration refuses to tow the Armageddonist foreign policy line, it is down to Blair to bring on the Third World War.

Blair typifies what is seriously ill with our nation. He is a real, hard core fascist, brought up on a diet of Fabianism. We have no chance of ever having a rational relationship with our government, nor an honest relationship with ourselves, until we crush this Fabian element within our country.

As an example of Fabian inspired policy and commentary, have a read at the Economist Intelligence Unit's report, Manning The Barricades (pdf). There you will read the blatant promotion of the Policy that Blair is putting into practice. The Policy is of a world of total chaos and full scale war as a result of financial and economic collapse.

As Blair encourages the Israeli leadership to ever greater levels of self destructive insanity, other Fabian elements are behind most of the so-called activist movements which are inciting the "Summer of Rage" mentality in the general population, Europe wide.

Just look at the list of anti-G20 movements, and you will see mostly a list of subverted nutters; mostly also pushers of the Global Warming fraud, working as hard as they can to get people out on the streets to be cannon fodder for the riot police, and if the rumours are true, soon for the army as well.

Consider ATTAC - the French activist organisation. ATTAC was once seen by ordinary people in France as the great anti-establishment organisation to be involved with, originally existing as an anti-financial speculation group. It is now the perfect example of how BRITISH elements have been subverting such organisations Europe wide.

Fabian Society Logo - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Two years ago, you see, Fabian Susan George, of George Soros' Open Society Institutes's Transnational Institute, staged a coup d-etat against the ATTAC leadership. ATTAC is now a wholly owned organ of the British Fabian agenda, and now exists in 40 countries or so, with a somewhat broader agenda. This weekend, ATTAC is planning big demos in Berlin and Frankfurt. Expect trouble.

You see how this works? At the top, George Soros. Then his Open Society Institute. Then the Transnational Institute. Then ATTAC. So, to the casual observer, the link from Soros to ATTAC is not clear. And controlling all, the British Fabian Society, or members thereof.

The values pushed on us through the Fabian Society's prime movers - Blair, Brown and the rest, are taking the real humans of this world to hell on many fronts. Blair's push for global war, Brown's push for global financial dictatorship and the various Soros backed NGOs working as hard as they can to destroy the very concept of the sovereign nation state.

Blair's conversion to Catholicism reflects the Fabian Society - a wolf in sheep's clothing. Let's get the fleece pulled off him, and that organisation. Lets expose the wolves among us for all to see.