Drive For WWIII Continues

The British led drive for war with Russia, using an attack on Iran as the touch paper, continues with William Hague taking point. 

Referring to the EU imposition of an oil and precious metals trading embargo on Iran, announced on the 23rd January, Hague said, “the U.K. has been looking for an unprecedented set of sanctions and that is what we have agreed … This shows the resolve of the European Union on this issue. It is absolutely right to do this when Iran is continuing to breach United Nations resolutions and refusing to come to meaningful negotiations on its nuclear program, The EU is taking a very strong lead in world affairs and we strongly welcome this.”

The EU sanction plan was orchestrated by none other than Baroness Ashton, the Labour peer who replaced Peter Mandelson as the UK’s European Commissioner, and who now holds the position of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. With Ashton, who received her peerage from Tony Bliar, filling that role, and Tony Bliar himself filling the role of Middle East Peace Envoy, war seems almost inevitable.


Things are not going altogether smoothly for the war mongers, however. As reported in the last issue of the UK Column, there is major dissent in Israel regarding an attack on Iran. While Israeli President Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Barak are just mad enough to support the war drive, more sane heads in Israel are in direct opposition. These include the heads of the IDF, Shin Bet, and Mossad.

Netanyahu is continuing to manoeuvre his assets, however. He has most recently attempted to promote a pro-war candidate, namely Brigadier General Yohanan Locker, to head of the Air Force.

However, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has been promoting General Amir Eshel, who is reported to be against an attack on Iran. “The commander of the air force is like any other major general,” Gantz told the State Control Committee of the Knesset, during a debate on IDF appointments. “I don’t see a difference between that and the commander of the Navy or the commander of the Home Front Command. That’s why there’s a Chief of Staff. He summons the candidates and provides the explanations. That’s how it needs to be. A situation in which a major general is appointed against the wishes of the Chief of Staff is untenable.”

Even Israeli mad woman Tsipi Livni (think white phosphorus bombs) is opposed. “When I heard that the prime minister is trying to weigh in on nominations in the military, someone has to make it clear - you have no business interfering in IDF nominations,” she said.

So, try as he might, President Natanyahu can’t find enough mad men and women around him to prosecute a war at this time.

Operation Austere Challenge 12

The US role in all this is to be Britain’s bulldog. Cameron is happy to dismantle our own armed forces because with Obama, Britain has finally completed its re-colonisation of the USA. US troops are effectively under British political control, or that’s how Cameron sees it anyway.

Unfortunately for British policy, President Obama is also having difficulty persuading his military chain of command that an attack on Iran is a good thing. In Obama’s case, opposition is coming from senior retired generals, and some serving ones. And also, perhaps surprisingly, from Hillary Clinton, who, in a recent press conference, categorically denied that the USA had any role to play in the recent assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. Clinton’s denial effectively broadcast to the world that it has been Israel who has been behind the assassinations, and the covert bombings of Iranian infrastructure.

As a result, Netanyahu has fallen out with Obama. Following a heated telephone call, Netanyahu called a halt to “Operation Austere Challenge 12”, the joint US-Israeli military operations which had been planned for March/April 2012. Some reports said that the exercises had been put back to the late summer, but that seems unlikely at this time.

Nonetheless, there are still up to 18,000 US troops moving from Iraq to be stationed in Israel, possibly at the 50 square mile US military base sited close to Ben Gurion airport, which Israeli alternative media man Barry Chamish exposed as it was nearing completion in 2005.

The Opposition

As expected, Iran’s reaction to the EU sanctions and other provocations was again to threaten the closure of the Straits of Hormuz, through which one fifth of the world’s oil is transported, if the sale of Iranian oil is “violated in any way”.

Iran does not stand alone, however, as Russia and China have made it clear they will not support any United Nations led action against Iran. China is in particular difficulty, since it gets most of its oil from Iran.

India has poked a big stick right into the heart of the beast by offering to purchase oil from Iran using gold, rather than US dollars.

But it is Russia which is most overt in its opposition to war with Iran. Russia, and by that I mean Putin, understands exactly where the land lies. So the agenda for Russia is regime change, and to foment that, money has been pouring into Russian opposition groups.

In a recent statement Putin said, “We are the biggest nuclear power in the world and remain as such. And this causes specific fears in our partners … we are being ‘shaken up’ so that we do not forget who is the master on our planet, and so that we will obey, and understand that they have levers of influence to use in our country.

“It is unacceptable when foreign money is pumped into election processes … we should think of forms of defence of our sovereignty, defence from interference from abroad”

The “foreign money” Putin referred to can be traced back to George Soros, funder of all the various coloured revolutions in the former Soviet states. Soros was pumping millions of dollars into Russian opposition groups during the recent elections via his friends Mr and Mrs Sakaashvili, President and First Lady of Georgia.

What’s The Point?

The Rothschild run western financial system is bankrupt and collapsing fast. History has demonstrated that when western banking powers get themselves into this kind of mess, they like to foment a nice little war to get themselves out of it. The “war on terror” isn’t cutting it for them, despite slush money coming to them via the Afghani poppy fields. But the risk of full scale nuclear war is high, as made plain by Putin in the above quote.

If Putin could be removed, and replaced with a suitable puppet, then global war could be prosecuted quite safely.

For them.