UK Column News - 16th August 2023

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Professor Emeritus Chris Flowers.


​​Is Any Data Safe—And Who Lets Leaks Happen?

​​00:30 Belfast Telegraph: PSNI data leak document posted on wall opposite Sinn Fein office along with ‘sinister’ threat

Belfast Telegraph: Officers identified in PSNI data breach as working with MI5 could be called as witnesses in terror trial

Belfast Telegraph: Third PSNI data breach: Officers’ full names still on internet two days after being reported

​​Kennedys Law: The Electoral Commission data breach: three key takeaways


​​North American courts: Montana's "constitutional climate rights", and ruling Alberta lockdown illegal on a technicality

​​05:45 Bloomberg: Montana Youth Climate Activists Get Historic Win in State Case

Read the judgment: Held v. Montana

​​The Federal List: Canadian Court Invalidates Covid Lockdowns Due To Illegal Implementation

​​Court of King’s Bench of Alberta: Ingram v Alberta (Chief Medical Officer of Health), 2023 ABKB 453

​​About Law: Montana First Judicial District Court Lewis and Clark County



Andrew Bridgen Exposes—33 Years Ago Today: ​​Gulf War Anthrax Jab Harms Foreseen By MoD

​​09:46 Andrew Bridgen (Twitter): “Shocking evidence released, also of the cavalier attitude to vaccine safety and vaccine harms back in 1990”

​​Andrew Bridgen (Twitter): “Letter to Rishi Sunak with all the evidence sent yesterday.”


​​Dr Chris Flowers And His 3,500 Volunteers

​​16:19 Dr Chris Flowers (Substack): A Bunch of Flowers

​​Daily Clout: PDF eBook: War Room / DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Reports

​​UK Column interview: Amy Kelly—An Angel with Clout

​​UK Column interview: What did Pfizer know? A shot in the dark

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​​Brian. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated David Scott's interview with Katie Hopkins. What a wonderful, entertaining, principled and inspiring lady she is.

​​UK Column content: Debi Evans Blog: 15 August 2023

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Thank you, Jane, for your card & kind donation to our new studio home.

​​E-mail to UK Column: Asylum Seekers and Save Our Stradey Park and Neighbourhood (Llanelli)


​​Conservatives' Public Order Act 2023 In Action: Thou Shalt Not Pray

​​31:00 The Daily Sceptic: Looks Like You've Had a Bit Too Much to Think, Sir

UK Column content: Charles Malet Podcast: Birmingham's No-Prayer Law—the law that has to ask if you're breaking it


​​Ukraine: Admiral Radakin Visits Kiev—Without His Toy Map

​​32:30 Ministry of Defence (Twitter): Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—14 August 2023

​​TASS: Russian forces wipe out Ukrainian naval drone production sites in precision strike 

​​Euromaidan Press: UK Chief of Defence Staff Radakin visited Ukraine, discussed current counteroffensive with Ukrainian Commander in Chief Zaluzhnyi

​​Daily Mail: Army sparks feminist backlash after first transgender soldier to serve on the front line takes part in panel discussion about 'women in leadership' at Sandhurst event

​​Newsweek: Ukraine Military Has a New Transgender Spokesperson


Your MP Can Still Speak His Mind—SNP Statesman(?) Wants This Existential "Threat To Democracy" Curtailed

​​39:20 Herald Scotland: Truth tsar calls amid 'existential threat' to democracy

​​The Spectator: Angus MacNeil expelled from the SNP after bust-up with chief whip

​​Angus B. MacNeil (Twitter): “I didn't leave the SNP—the SNP have left me.”

(The change from Owen Thompson to Brendan O'Hara was the second recent replacement of SNP Chief Whip at Westminster in as many years after Patrick Grady got handsy with staff)

​​UK Column Podcast Series: A Dissident's Guide to the Constitution


Government Tender ​​Alert! Contract For Access to Media Monitoring Services At Home—And Is Refugee Rent Being Topped Up In A Pilot Scheme?

​​42:50 Crown Commercial Service: Media Monitoring and Associated Services

​​Government Contracts Finder: Provision of Access to Media Monitoring Services


​​To ensure communications are underpinned by effective media monitoring, Cabinet Office and the His Majesty (HM) Treasury Communications Team intend to procure an online platform which provides access to previously aired tv and radio broadcast footage from a range of UK national and regional channels.

​​Government Contracts Finder: Future opportunity: 2023-2024-009: Migrant Rent Deposit Scheme

​​Funds that are not drawn upon at the end of the tenancy will remain within the TDS to assist further refugee households through the pilot.

​​Please contact UK Column if you have any information about this government initiative.


​​The Dangers Of EVs: Is Your Bike A Firework?

​​45:25 Sky News: E-bike and e-scooter owners urged to check if chargers are appropriate

​​Daily Express: Alarm after an electric car caught fire while recharging its battery in Mallorca

​​New Zealand Herald: House on fire in Pakuranga Heights, electric vehicle ablaze in garage

​​ITV News: 'Faulty electric bike' likely to have caused Leicester house fire which left two in hospital

​​Electrek: Why electric bike companies don't want you to repair your e-bike

​​Top comment by Eric Rodz:

Cellphones, tablets and laptops are much more complex than an e-bike and they all contain dangerous lithium batteries too. So they also need to be excluded from the list of right-to-repair products. Best regards, Apple Inc.

​​Metro: Treat e-bike batteries like fireworks, charity warns

​​Electrical Safety First: Battery breakdown: Our report into dangerous lithium-ion batteries

​​Sky News: E-bikes must have number plates and insurance, MP says 


​​Devon Devilment: Paignton Town Centre Crossroads Resembles Loyalist Kerbs Of Belfast

​​51:25The Telegraph: Confused by these road markings? You're not the only one

​​Spokesman for Torbay Council: 

The red is to remind motorists as they approach the junction to slow down and think ‘should I be driving through here?’ before proceeding to turn slowly at the junction. The blue is to better define the carriage for pedestrians and to reflect some of the placemaking ambitions for a permanent scheme.


​​German Establishment All-Out To Ban Political Opponents 

​​53:13 Spiegel: Ban enemies of the constitution! The AfD has become more and more radicalized. It's time to defend democracy with sharper weapons

​​Junge Freiheit: The oddities in the Andreas Jurca case (paywall)

​​Eugyppius, A Plague Chronicle: On the self-inflicted political crisis of the German ruling establishment, and why banning Alternative für Deutschland will deepen their failures


​​And Finally: Taxed Beyond The Grave

​​58:45 This is Money: Families face spectre of bigger tax bills if they inherit a pension