Amy Kelly—An Angel with Clout

Pfizer tried unsuccessfully to hide its own shocking findings on its own BioNTech Covid injection for a lifetime. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tried unsuccessfully to sweep them all under the carpet for 75 years, until lawyer Aaron Siri successfully won a landmark case to force the FDA to release the hundreds of thousands of documents of primary data from Pfizer. The dumping of data was soon picked up by the Daily Clout and Steve Bannon’s War Room. The collaboration between the two was to prove to be one of the most important partnerships in the history of health knowledge.

Recently, Debi Evans spoke to Dr Naomi Wolf, co-founder and CEO of Daily Clout, in an interview entitled Did Pfizer Know?.  The shocking revelations were further discussed with UK Column’s friend and pharmaceutical training consultant Cheryl Grainger in A Shot in The Dark. With so much data, who had the expertise to manage the information? Who could co-ordinate one of the biggest and most important research data bases in the world? Dr Wolf has revealed how her life changed in a heartbeat when her prayers for help were answered and she met a quietly-spoken but dynamic woman called Amy Kelly, who would play a vital role in project managing one of the biggest projects in history: the Pfizer Document Analysis.

Prior to her life changing for ever, armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating summa cum laude from a liberal arts college in the south-eastern USA and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Amy Kelly’s successful career took her into the worlds of telecommunications, transportation and medical devices. With an additional 20 years of experience as a project manager, her experience and wealth of knowledge makes her perfectly qualified to manage a unique army of experts intent on exposing the truth. Additionally, she is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, certified in change management methodology, and has experience as a business analyst and strategist. When she is not working, she volunteers for education-related causes and in her county's political organisations.

Kelly’s life changed for ever when, one day, she signed up to become a volunteer for the Daily Clout. Never in her wildest dreams did she think it would lead to her receiving a call from Dr Naomi Wolf, asking her to lead on one of the most important projects of her life. Amy is the COO of Daily Clout and Program Director for the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project. As well as overseeing the 3,500 volunteers who are reviewing, analysing, and reporting on the court-ordered FDA-released Pfizer documents, she also oversees over 250 voluntary legal experts who are identifying what legal actions can be taken based on the findings taken from the Pfizer documents.

Amy is the front door to the Daily Clout’s Pfizer ‘war room’. She is the welcoming face who greets those seeking her help and advice, or to those offering their services in the name of humanity. She organises an army of volunteers, working with military precision. She writes reports, gives interviews and answers the public’s questions about adverse reactions as well as doing her own research. How does she manage to spin so many plates all at once without breaking a single one? How does she cope with reading the shocking revelations and what has shocked her most?

Amy reveals what further revelations we are to expect and what happens to the data now collated by the Daily Clout and the War Room. Here in the UK, Cheryl Grainger is attempting to force the MHRA to release the AstraZeneca data through a similar Freedom of Information challenge. We discuss in the interview what can we learn from Amy Kelly for future reference. With further data from both Pfizer and Moderna expected in the USA, Amy’s role is not going to end any time soon.

UK Column would like to thank Cheryl Grainger for her help in arranging this interview and to Stephanie Sinclair, Producer at UK Column, for facilitating it.

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