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Debi Evans Blog: 15 August 2023

It seems there is never a week where I don’t send love and prayers to people living in disaster areas. This week is no different. Wildfires in Hawaii dominate the headlines. Whilst we can send prayers, thoughts and love to the people of Maui, Hawaii, most of us will feel helpless as we watch on, in horror, witnessing the destruction, death and grief being suffered by those who live there. As of writing, the death toll stands at 93 and counting. Many are homeless and haven't had access to clean water, but their only escape route from the fires was to jump into the ocean. For those wishing to donate, please ensure your donation goes to where it is needed.

UK War Room

I want to reassure our audience that there are many people working around the clock in order to expose the wickedness that we are all witnessing around us. Whilst it may not seem that much is going on behind the scenes, I can assure you that the candle is being burned at both ends by many researchers from every field, nationality and religion who are challenging the ‘science’ in order to bring us the truth. Truth does not discriminate against colour and culture. Some of these brave souls have lost their jobs as a result of speaking out, others are being threatened if they do speak out. They work pro bono, quietly. They work to serve humanity, and they work for the good of all of us. God Bless them and deep thanks to each and every one of them.

As the holiday season reaches its peak, Cornwall is full to the brim with holidaymakers. Situated in the farthest south west of England, it is not the easiest place to get to. It takes 6 hours on a train from Penzance to London Paddington. You can imagine my surprise and delight to know there were some VIP’s (in my eyes) all in the same place on one day!

Last Wednesday, I had the great fortune to meet up with our dear friend Cheryl Grainger who was in Cornwall visiting. As I am sure you can imagine, we never stopped talking, there is so much to discuss! After a wonderful evening with Cheryl, the next day we arranged to meet up with Professor Chris Flowers who oversees a huge team of 3,500 researchers who are analysing the Pfizer Documents with the Daily Clout and the War Room. Was it serendipity that on the same day in the same place, Dr David Cartland and Dr Liz Evans, UK Medical Freedom Alliance, had planned to meet? I don’t believe in coincidences anymore, I believe in miracles. The meeting was obviously meant to be, everyone arrived on time without getting lost! An hour turned into two hours which then rolled into 4 hours. We uncovered revelations of what Pfizer actually knew prior to delivering the jab into millions of arms. With reports coming out every day, it’s hard to keep up with it all, and now, with the release of millions of pages of Moderna documents, you can expect more revelations—of which none of them we suspect are good.

I am delighted that Professor Chris Flowers has agreed to talk to UK Column viewers. Watch this space for more news as an equivalent ‘UK War Room’ is created. I found out that Professor Flowers and I trained at the Royal Free Hospital at the same time! Although our paths didn’t cross during our time there, we did enjoy walking down memory lane and reminding ourselves of how we were trained and how nursing and medicine should be practised. Our training was now unrecognisable, as was the NHS. Let’s push on with some news from this week.


NHS travel for treatment

Are you willing to travel? How far would you be prepared to go in order to get the treatment/surgery you need from NHS England? 20 miles? 200 miles? 400 miles? Bear in mind you will be alone, unless your family can travel with you and stay locally whilst you are receiving treatment. A new ‘matching platform’ is being used in order to ease NHS waiting lists and ‘Covid’ backlog. If your local hospital is not able to offer you heart surgery or a knee replacement, you could be offered an alternative in another part of the UK. Your ‘data’ will be loaded onto a new register that will enable NHS and other ‘independent sector providers’ to log on and match people with treatments available in other areas. According to the NHS website, around 4/5 won’t need a hospital admission. 

The NHS Elective Recovery Plan is what it says, a recovery plan for the NHS, not for patients. Once again, patients have to take the ‘hit’ and it is they who are responsible for ‘saving the NHS’, the very same NHS that appears to me to be dead, buried and gone for good. With more patients desperately seeking help, the ‘platform’ appears to be growing as over 1,700 offers of support have been made and accepted.

I can report anecdotally that this is most definitely taking place. My own mother, an octogenarian who lives 350 miles from London, was offered heart surgery in a private hospital in London. She was given 2 days notice and was told a hospital car would pick her up from home and deposit her alone, in London, for cardiac surgery the following day. I was not told about this until she had arrived in London. She arrived at 6pm in the evening and was admitted to intensive care and was surprised when she was met with all the familiar faces from our local hospital. She later discovered that there was a ‘conveyor’ belt type system where hospitals appear to be ‘renting’ out theatre and bed space for a limited time in order to treat patients.

14 hours post operatively, my mother was discharged from intensive care and transported home in a clapped out NHS vehicle which broke down close to Cornwall and my stepfather had to pick her up. Interestingly, during her stay, she told me that the staff appeared to be more concerned with how I was, than how she was. I understand that my mum had told the staff about my grave concerns surrounding the NHS, 'Do Not Resuscitate' orders, and the administration of experimental drugs. She also told them I was a trained nurse and that I was watching them. This appeared to put everyone on notice. Did it save my mum’s life? Did it alter her course of treatment? Did it help to keep her safer? I will never know for sure, but my gut feeling tells me that it didn’t do any harm.

For chemotherapy or other therapies that are invasive, exhausting and/or make patients feel sick and unwell, travelling for miles (and often on a daily basis) will be impossible in my opinion. Hundreds of different treatments are going to be offered in hundreds of different facilities. Desperate times require desperate measures, but how desperate do you have to be?


Cross border NHS treatment – Wales and Scotland

For those living in Wales, how do you feel being asked to come to England for your treatment? Not only will you be miles away from home, you will be in another country. However, according to Welsh Secretary, David TC Davies, patients on long NHS Wales waiting lists should have the right to be treated more quickly in England.

Steve Barclay has invited discussions with both Welsh and Scottish Ministers as to how England can help in order to get patients seen more quickly. However, I don’t see any reciprocation of patients in England being offered treatment in any other country. Does this mean England, as the largest country in the UK, will be picking up their patients as well as our own? I don’t remember any consultations. The National Health Service appears to have become the England Health Service. And what if you can’t or refuse to travel? Does that blot your health copy book?


Medical assisted death

Shockingly, in Canada, Medical Assisted Death Service was offered to a 37 year old woman, Kathrin Mentler, who suffers with chronic depression. In June 2023, she went to Vancouver General Hospital after suffering a ‘traumatic event’ and is now experiencing suicidal thoughts. Feeling hopeless and desperate, she was given a stark choice: wait a long time to see a psychiatrist, or consider MAID.

Having gone to the hospital to get some help in order to avoid getting into a situation where she may take an overdose to end her life, she was shocked to be offered an assisted suicide. According to officials from Vancouver Coastal Health who confirmed the conversation did take place, they simply brushed it off as establishing the level of Ms Mentler’s risk of self-harm. At the time, Ms Mentler was so taken aback by the question that she mistook the word ‘maid’ for a person who would clean a room. The clinician went on to explain that MAID, aka assisted death, may be a more comfortable process and outlined the drugs that would be used to kill her.

While the hospital defended the need to ‘ask difficult questions’, they did admit that a conversation of this kind may be upsetting to some people and subsequently apologised. I wonder if anyone has thought to ask the patient how they are doing after this traumatic potentially life changing event.

…the health authority insists it abides by current federal legislation that states MAID is only provided to eligible patients.

Readers should remember that the Canadian Government is looking to extend MAID to those with a sole mental health condition. Does this mean we will kill people who are experiencing an acute/chronic mental health condition as flippantly as the magician comedian Tommy Cooper would say, ‘just like that’, without any thought to help them first?

I have met a number of people who didn’t just vocalise their desire to end their lives, they actually tried. Most paramedics, doctors and nurses in Accident and Emergency departments will have encountered many who have intentionally overdosed with drugs and alcohol in order to end their lives. Once their stomachs have been washed out, the outpouring of help and concern then comes flooding in. Almost immediately, many of those patients were relieved because their ‘cry for help’ had been heard and they were still alive. I would also like to add at this point, tragically, some individuals who were vaccine injured, in desperation, have taken their own lives. What would a clinician say if they all said that? Or would they just offer them a lethal injection? 

If Canada is the gauge to go by, it won’t be long before this is rolled out in the United Kingdom. How many will be killed on a whim in the name of saving money on alternative treatments? Anyone will be eligible regardless of age, condition or status. Logan’s Run in real life. Has a listening ear become a ‘killing ear’?



I imagine that not many will have heard of this, but I predict you'll be hearing far more in the near future. VX-548 is the new non opioid miracle drug for pain. Pain can be totally debilitating and, for many years, patients have sought a myriad of solutions, with little or no success long term. Fortunately, (I say this tongue in cheek) the pharmaceutical industry has been working hard to tackle this enormous problem which affects so many.

Vertex, an innovative Boston based biotech company, thinks it has come up with the answer. Please do look at their website, you may find their Board an interesting mix of organisations you are already familiar with. VX-548, which is yet to receive a brand name, is what they believe could be the answer to the problem. How many are already feeling uneasy? The phase II clinical trials tested the drug on patients undergoing particularly painful surgeries such as bunion surgery and tummy tucks. What was the difference in pain reduction between the placebo group and the control group? Phase III trials for efficacy and safety post abdominoplasty are scheduled for completion early 2024.

I believe this is a story to watch, but not one to participate in. Would you fancy having bunion surgery if you were picked for the placebo group? Ouch, I wouldn’t. Perhaps desperate patients will turn to desperate measures in order to get treatment—food for thought perhaps. I am always suspicious of any ‘new’ or ‘novel’ experimental drugs that are on the way down the pipeline. Will this new innovation replace the good old tried and tested methods for pain control? Perhaps morphine, paracetamol and aspirin will start to vanish from our shelves? That would save a lot of money on those who are opioid dependent or addicted to painkillers and benzodiazepenes—or am I just getting far too cynical in my old age? There might be a hidden agenda in plain sight, and if I'm right, remember you heard it here first at UK Column News.  



We have been warning for a long time that science fiction is now science fact. How do you fancy travelling in a ‘hover’ train that levitates above the tracks or perhaps a world where no condition remains undiagnosed? It sounds rather like 1984 via medical devices. Or perhaps you live for the day when you hardly ever have to go to the trouble of charging your phone? Perhaps this is no longer an idea but a reality, thanks to scientists in South Korea. LK-99, a new superconductor has been described as “a once in a lifetime physics breakthrough, worthy of a Nobel Prize”. To find out more about LK-99, click here. It doesn’t take long in this Sky News article to find the name Bill Gates. Eric Toone, at Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy Ventures, says LK-99 would be “completely game-changing if it’s right”. ‘If’, being the operative word.


Autism and under age arrests

A 16 year old autistic girl who was allegedly intoxicated and taken home by police officers as she was deemed ‘at risk’ was then later arrested and detained by seven police officers for saying a female police officer “looked like her lesbian nana”. Being accused of making a ‘homophobic’ comment, which clearly it was not, the girl was manhandled by police officers which put her into a meltdown. Mainstream media call meltdowns ‘panic attacks’. I am keen to highlight that there is a huge difference. Perhaps I will write a separate article on autistic meltdowns and autistic shutdowns and their effects on the sufferer and those around them. Many people on the autism spectrum lack the ability to inhibit and are often impulsive and may blurt out what they are thinking in an unfiltered way. Many are literal thinkers and speakers who say things as they are, with no malice or bad intentions. On top of this, the effects of the alcohol have obviously not been taken into consideration. I am not a drinker, but I have witnessed on many occasions other people saying things that, perhaps the next day, upon reflection, they would probably have kept to themselves. Were any of these police officers trained in how to speak to someone on the autism spectrum? It seems not. Maybe if they were, this incident would never have taken place. 

Most people on the autism spectrum have a great sense of injustice. If they do not think or believe they have done anything wrong and get blamed or accused wrongly, it can have an effect on them for the rest of their lives. Autobiographical memories can be very powerful. Whilst everyone on the autism spectrum is unique, no one the same as another, some common denominators can be found. Meltdown, shutdown, special interests, anxiety and communication differences span the whole spectrum, and the majority of the autistic community also suffer from sensory processing disorder, where touch can be painful and meltdown inducing. Meltdowns should, in my opinion, be treated like epileptic seizures and managed with kindness, calmness and understanding. However, many professionals perceive a meltdown as aggression and take necessary steps to restrain, raise their voice, bark orders, ask questions and touch the person—often with disastrous consequences. 

People experiencing a meltdown cannot hear you, see you or process any information. Their brains are scrambled and nothing makes sense. In this state, their desire to disappear and hide is enormous. Drawing attention to a person in meltdown will exacerbate and complicate the situation unnecessarily.

Some people on the autism spectrum may not be able to differentiate between the faces of stranger’s and the faces of their loved ones. The condition is called Prosopagnosia, otherwise known as face blindness. Did this young lady suffer with that? Did anyone care to ask? Where were the reasonable adjustments required by law for those on the autism spectrum? No surprises that a complaint has been submitted to the police. However, the effects on this young lady will no doubt be lifelong.


And finally

Can’t afford the cost of living crisis? Let’s face it, the majority reading this can’t. Why not join Adam and book yourself onto a cruise ship. According to Adam, it is cheaper to live a life in luxury constantly on the move and seeing the world on a cruise ship than it is to stay at home. Would you consider doing the same?

Will Birmingham be hosting the Commonwealth Games again bearing in mind no one else wants to? With the number of athletes collapsing for no apparent reason, and no investigation into vaccine adverse reactions, will there be enough athletes to compete in the games, or has this previously unknown phenomenon become normalised?

Amidst all the doom and gloom, those random acts of kindness are really making a difference to so many. Smile and open the door for someone, thank someone for giving way next time you are in the car, or offer someone a seat on the bus or the train—random acts of kindness don’t have to cost money. Write a letter to the boss if you have had great service from a company local to you. We are often so keen to complain that sometimes we forget to compliment. 

Debi’s book of the week: Their Terrifying Plan by Dr Vernon Coleman — must read for everyone who wants to know the truth, the plan and who is behind it. I couldn’t put it down. This is a doctor with his finger well and truly on the pulse. Highly recommended

Until next week, 

God Bless



Philippians 4:7:

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.