What did Pfizer know? A shot in the dark

Joining Debi Evans is an old friend of UK Column, Cheryl Grainger, a self-employed training consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. Grainger observed from very early on during the pandemic that everything she had been trained to teach others within the industry was now apparently non-applicable. Inspired by the success of a team in the USA that obtained withheld documents on the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid–19 injection, Grainger set out on a one-woman mission to follow the same model in order to obtain the AstraZeneca primary data. Her efforts haven’t stopped there.

Finding herself on the spot to ask a question at a board meeting of the British medicines regulator, the MHRA, in March 2023, she asked the Board about the agency’s Yellow Card serious adverse reaction reports. She was sharply shut down. This led her to wonder: has anyone criticised the MHRA or challenged its funding stream? How independent is the MHRA? Grainger has written two articles for UK Column: Taking on the MHRA—Part 1 and Taking on the MHRA—Part 2. In this interview, Cheryl Grainger walks us through what Pfizer knew before its Covid injection was authorised.

Debi Evans was recently joined by Dr Naomi Wolf to discuss the Pfizer papers. Dr Wolf is co-founder and CEO of the Daily Clout. Her team has published the bestseller The Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers’ Reports—Find out what Pfizer, FDA tried to conceal.

What did Pfizer know? In January 2023, with the help of Steve Bannon at the War Room, the Daily Clout and a team of expert volunteers from all around the world began analysing the hundreds of thousands of pages of primary Pfizer documents that had been earmarked to be hidden from public view for 75 years but that were released through successful legal action taken by US lawyer Aaron Siri.

The Pfizer papers can be found here. With 74 reports now in from experts around the world, Cheryl Grainger explains in this interview what their findings mean. What did Pfizer know about the effects on children, pregnant mothers and fertility? What did they know about the dangers to babies? Is shedding real, and if so, how does it happen? The interview covers the meaning of P1 and P2, how the clinical trials were conducted, and why the Pfizer Covid injection has been called a bait-and-switch in the USA.

In conjunction with this interview, viewers are highly recommended to watch Dr Naomi Wolf’s interview of Team 3 leader Dr Chris Flowers to discuss the problems with Pfizer’s clinical trials, the lack of long-term data, and the origin story of Pfizer’s “crime against humanity.”

Also recommended is a blog by Dr Peter McCullough discussing Nattokinase (NK), a detoxifier to manage the spike protein that accumulates in the body from infection, long Covid or injection. NK is a natural enzyme produced by fermenting soybeans with Bacillus subtilis. It is an over-the-counter oral supplement that appears safer than aspirin but has key cardiovascular potent effects as an anti-platelet/anticoagulant agent to help deal with spike protein.

The shocking revelations appear to suggest that Pfizer knew more than they were prepared to tell us. And there is more to come.

UK Column profoundly thanks Cheryl Grainger for her extremely hard work, diligence and service to humanity.

Cheryl Grainger’s closing recommendation is the following:

Dr Naomi Wolf interviews Team 3 Leader Dr Chris Flowers to discuss the problems with Pfizer’s clinical trials, the lack of long-term data, and the origin story of Pfizer’s “crime against humanity”.