Katie Hopkins—Laughter is Infectious

Katie Hopkins has been cancelled, criticised, threatened, castigated and even reviled more than almost anyone else in the British Isles. Why? What did she do? She pointed out the nature of the immigration policies and associated government deception that is presently eroding our society. For this, the system turned on her—and viciously so, as it did on Alex Bellfield (whose astonishing case was covered by UK Column News several times, including on 26 March and 29 March 2021).

She lost her reputation, her jobs, her house and her bank account. They came for her children too, but there the Blob failed. And her husband (whom she refers to as Lovely Mark) remains by her side. Despite murder plots and theatre plays about her assassination, she remains as unbowed and authentic as ever.

This interview will make you laugh and may also make you cry, as Katie describes the bizarre life of a political dissident (for such she surely is) in 21st-century Britain. She fights back with laughter and with openness—two traits that the state (the Blob) can neither understand nor replicate.

From Australia to Blackpool, from the American Midwest to the MECA in Swindon, Katie Hopkins contines to perform the most outrageous of acts: to speak honestly and from the heart.


Mention is made during the interview of the Scottish footballer David Goodwillie, who has been pursued now for twelve years by Scottish authorities and politicians depite the police concluding that there was insufficient evidence to bring a case against him to trial. Like Katie Hopkins, he concludes that the pressure will continue in merciless fashion and will only cease when the target is “swinging by the neck”.

David Scott also makes mention of UK Column's coverage of the late Robert Green.