Gutsy Women: Kimberley Isherwood

Tiny in stature, Kimberley Isherwood is a highly determined woman who has stood up to be counted on the issue of the Welsh Government’s and UK Government’s Relationship and Sexuality Education policy drive. She describes the RSE programme as a blatant agenda to sexualise and groom the youngest of schoolchildren into extreme adult sexual practices. Were their parents to understand what their children were being made to learn and practise, they would be horrified. Previous UK Column video interviews with Isherwood on these issues came out in 2022 and 2023.

In this latest audio interview, Brian Gerrish talks to Kim about her personal journey to becoming the powerhouse taking on the Welsh Government and its perverted sexual education syllabus for young children. Brought up in the hard environment of the Welsh mining valleys, frequenting the pub to play pool from the age of eleven, Kimberley describes how her childhood included a world of very tough, yet protective men. In her late teens, she hit the party scene, as so many young people do. This lifestyle was ultimately to lead her to doing time in a Young Offenders Institution, where she learned much from the lives of other young women there—including, for some of them, the destructive impact of child abuse.

Following her release, Kim knew that she had to take her own life back under control, and she did so in what continued to be tough times as a single mother working to gain professional social work and child abuse qualifications. It was this expertise, backed by the hard experiences and knowledge gained in the Young Offenders Institution, that allowed Kimberley to understand the dangers of child grooming—as she puts it, not as a professional, but as an expert. To her, it was clear that, official policy or not, the RSE agenda is state-orchestrated child abuse, and she wasted no time in standing up to challenge it. Backed by a dedicated team, Kimberley formed Public Child Protection Wales. This was the campaign which has ultimately brought Welsh RSE into the public spotlight and into the courtroom.

Please join us for this amazing personal story about the fall and rise of one tiny, gutsy woman who takes on the state to protect children.