UK Column News - 10th May 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Kim Isherwood of


​​Dearlove and Ellwood In Ukraine—Accountable To Whom?

​​00:29 One Decision Podcast: Hosted by journalist Julia Macfarlane and former Chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove

​​Forbes 30 under 30 list 2023

​​Former Forbes '30 Under 30' start-up CEO accused of $175M fraud scheme against JP Morgan Chase

​​Chris Bakke:

The Forbes 30 Under 30 have collectively raised $5.3B in funding. The Forbes 30 Under 30 have also been arrested for frauds and scams worth over $18.5B. Incredible track record.

​​USA Today: Ukraine shoots down 35 drones over Kyiv; Russia cancels many Victory Day parades

​​USA sending tanks to Ukraine video


​​EU: Freedoms Dangerously Close To The Cliff Edge

​​15:05 Exxpress (Austria) (June 2022): The Austrians are tired of the EU! More than half of those surveyed no longer see membership in the European Union as positive

​​Exxpress (Austria): President Van der Bellen warns against leaving the EU

​​Die Fackel 2.0: 56% of Austrians in Favour of Leaving the EU—President Calls 'that idea alone dangerous'

​​Verfassungsschutz (German equivalent of MI5): The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution classifies “Institute for State Policy”, “One Percent e.V.” and “Young Alternative” as right-wing extremist efforts

​​Remix: German domestic spy agency labels AfD youth organization as ‘extreme right,’ mass surveillance of all members now permitted

​​RFI: France to ban all far-right extremist demonstrations


​​Guest Kim Isherwood from Wales—Standing Up For All Children And Parents

​​27:50 Email to UK Column: Government Sexual Grooming of Children

​​Mass Resistance: Parents confront Associate Library Director over the obscene library books for children

​​Stopworldcontrol: 9-year-old children are to be taught about masturbation, sexual attraction and sexual stimulation

​​Public Child Protection Wales—Kim Isherwood

​​Welsh Government Letter to Kim Isherwood

​​Donate to Public Child Protection Wales

​​UK Column News Extra - 10th May 2023


​​Spikevax Authorised For 6-Month-Old Infants

​​41:20 2023 Nationwide 'Operation Nightingale’ COVID-19 Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action

​​Operation Nightingale Enforcement Action: Remarks by Omar Pérez Aybar, Special Agent in Charge—YouTube Video

​​Mail Online: More than 500 nurses and midwives from Nigeria working in the UK could be struck off after warning key exam results could be 'fraudulent or incorrect'

​​Nursing Times: Nurses take over advanced procedure from doctors at London hospital 

​​Telegraph: NHS scheme will allow school leavers to train as doctors without traditional medical degree

​​Moderna Covid–19 vaccine (Spikevax) authorised for use in infants and children aged 6 months to 5 years

​​MEPs, Dr. Robert Malone & Byram Bridle—press conference after the International Covid Summit III

​​Mental Health Conference in Fátima, Portugal, run by dentist Dr Marta da Silva Gameiro—register by Saturday 13 May

Dr Gameiro’s past interview with UK Column

​​Mail Online: NHS patients are getting cancer and being left in so much pain they can't climb stairs because of record 7.2m-long waiting list, nation's top GP warns

​​NHS Galleri Trial—Detecting cancer early

​​Truth for Health Foundation: Pfizer’s jab contains the SV40 sequence which is known as a promoter of the cancer virus

​​Dr David Cartland’s tweet and translation of Japanese findings


​​Fighting To Speak Free

​​57:25 Email to UKC: NZ Vaccine Lies

​​Mainstream news smears Andrew Bridgen

​​Andrew Bridgen MP joins Reclaim Party and announces he is suing Matt Hancock for defamation

​​Andrew Bridgen officially joins Laurence Fox's Reclaim Party as he lashes out at Tories

​​Ofcom finds GB News in breach of broadcasting rules for a second time

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​​Mental Health Conference in Fátima, Portugal, run by dentist Dr Marta da Silva Gameiro—register by Saturday 13 May

​​Debi Evans Blog: 9 May 2023


​​Celebration, obfuscation? Coronation Observations

​​1:07:02 Email to UK Column: Concerning the Coronation—The Bridge 07/05/2023 Evening Service—Tony Pearce

​​The Trumpet: King Charles’s Coronation: What a Missed Opportunity

​​Rishi Sunak delivers reading from the Bible at King's coronation

​​National Post (Canada): John Ivison: Federal government strips religious symbols from crown adorning Royal Coat of Arms 

​​Democracy Action: Bryce Ddwards: why New Zealand’s shift to a republic will be thwarted


​​Pharmacies Close Prior To The Pharmacy-First Scheme

​​1:21:44 M&Co to shut 43 stores by end of April following collapse

​​UK retail giant (John Lewis) set to ditch central London office space amid job losses 

​​M&S closing two more stores

​​B&M launches huge 50% off everything in closing down sale

​​Barclays will now close 95 bank branches this year

​​Tesco to close eight in-store pharmacies by August as part of shake-up

​​Lloyds Pharmacy to close all Sainsbury's branches putting 2,000 jobs at risk

​​Scores of local pharmacies closing across England

Junior health minister ​​Maria Caulfield:

We are looking towards a more pharmacy-first model as in Scotland and Wales, where patients can go direct to pharmacists without necessarily going first to the GP.

​​NHS England plans high street 'one-stop' diagnostic centres

​​Gov.UK: Healthy High Streets: good place making in an urban setting 

​​Transport for London: Guide to the Healthy Streets Indicators