"Right now, the war's in Wales": The first ever court challenge to child sexualisation

Brian Gerrish interviews Kimberley Isherwood by telephone. Kimberley speaks on behalf of Public Child Protection Wales (website | Facebook), a group of mothers in Wales who are taking on legislation by the devolved executive ("Welsh Government") which is permitting the inappropriate sexualisation of very young children in schools.

Kimberley Isherwood says that the mothers with whom she campaigns "have been treated as nobodies" and have been lied to by teachers and education policymakers. She concludes that the aim is to detach children aged three and above from their parents by the expedient of "sexual and reproductive rights".

This matter is of significance to parents around the United Kingdom and further afield, since Wales is plainly being used by think tanks and UNESCO as a testbed jurisdiction for the school sexualisation of very young children. The Welsh authorities have used the route of making Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) a mandatory subject, and placing explicit details of sexual practice and gender ideology in the curriculum.

PCP Wales' campaign has been highlighted most persistently by Liberty Tactics, the media platform of UK Column's valued former presenter Louise Collins, who recently held a 36-hour fundraising telethon (jump to 16:30 in the Part I upload for Brian Gerrish's telethon appearance) to boost the legal fund that the mothers need to take the Welsh Government to judicial review. The matter is just hitting the mainstream media, though without mention of PCP Wales. The mothers have now moved for an emergency injunction to stop the sexualisation.

Judicial review, akin to administrative law in other countries, is the formal—and threatened—British legal process by which the public can ask the courts to stop the executive from becoming omnipotent. The route of formal legal challenge has never before been accepted by courts in other countries where child sexualisation is on the supra-political agenda, and so the mothers of PCP Wales are pioneers for all of us.