UK Column News - 12th June 2023

Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News. Guest segments with Darren Nesbitt of The Light Paper and Kim Isherwood of Public Child Protection Wales (donate here).


Marianna in Propagandaland: The BBC's Bluntest Hatchet Job Yet

00:22 BBC: The Light: Inside the UK’s conspiracy theory newspaper that shares violence and hate

Guest Darren Nesbitt:

Marianna in Conspiracyland: Full, unedited interview with Darren Nesbitt, Editor of The Light Paper


The Telegraph Trying To Win Back Readers—Suddenly Discovers We Are Tyrannised

07:32 Telegraph: Monitoring unit made hourly calls to flag Covid dissent

Telegraph: ‘The BBC has a reputation as a truth-teller—but in Covid it did what the Government wanted’

Jessica Cecil, BBC’s Trusted News Initiative director

Telegraph: BBC plans to build ‘diverse’ workforce to fight off ‘liberal bias’ claims 

BBC fights shy of telling the truth about FoI request response (invoking journalistic exemption)

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Nicola Sturgeon Pleads Innocence "Beyond Doubt"—Is She Her Own Jury?

16:32 Police Scotland: Investigation into Scottish National Party funding and finances—woman arrested (Page now removed)

Di McMillan:

Nicola Sturgeon has been arrested, and the women are celebrating! Monumental moment for women! Exceptional timing while attending the screening of Adult Human Female.

Scottish Daily Express: Kenny MacAskill calls for a 'firewall' around the SNP as he warns Nats are dragging down Scexit 'cause'

The Scotsman: Nicola Sturgeon arrest: Ash Regan and Jackie Baillie say former first minister should either resign or be suspended from SNP by Humza Yousaf

Evening Standard: Sturgeon: I know beyond doubt that I am innocent of any wrongdoing



Public Child Protection Wales' Appeal To Protect Children, Refused

21:51 Public Child Protection Wales

Guest: Kimberley Isherwood

PCP Wales appeal refused


Critical Race Theory Comes to Scotland

26:54 The Scottish Council of Deans of Education (SCDE) have launched a new National Anti-Racism Framework for Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Scotland:

This framework offers an opportunity to consider structural changes to teacher education, with clear, critical guidance leading to tangible outcomes. These changes aim to disrupt the centrality of whiteness and enable different ways of seeing, thinking and doing.

Who is Dr. Bree Picower?

University of the West of Scotland: Further and Higher Education is an integral part of Scottish society and therefore has a key role to play in addressing racism

Scottish Union for Education Event:
Let Kids Be Kids! Our government is sexualising children with its sex and gender curriculum. Children need education, not Indoctrination.
Thursday 15 June 2023 18:30
The Tron Church
25 Bath Street
G2 1HW

UK Column interview: The Root of All Evil—John Waters

Upcoming UK Column interview: The Financial & Intellectual Bankruptcy of the West: Bob Moriarty, 13 June at 1pm

Sensible Environmentalism with Patrick Moore: 15 June at 1 pm

9/11 Changed the Course of History—relaunch

Yellow Boards—Holloway Road. Tuesday 13 June, 4 to 6 pm, close to Iceland and Lidl supermarkets, London N7 6QA


Arizona: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Still Going Strong

40:03 Sheriff Joe Arpaio 91st Birthday Bash

Arpaio made inmates wear pink underwear to deter them from coming back to jail


Ukrainian Counteroffensive Starts Badly

46:38 Tagesspiegel:  “Each Leopard 2 is worth its gold for the offensive” : Ukraine asks for significantly more German tanks 

Yuriy Sak on GB News with Camilla Tominey as well as other UK media

Yuriy Sak: Partner, Director of Special Projects at CFC Big Ideas (previously covered by UK Column News on 16 and 21 November 2022)

Since 2018, CFC Big Ideas has been organizing one of the Davos side-events at the world's biggest annual economic summit

CFC Big Ideas: Ukraine’s Reconstruction Plan: when it will start, who will run it  and what global businesses can leverage


European Economic Madness: The Unsayable Word Is "Insolvent"

58:25 Reuters: UK house prices set to slide 10%

FT: UK house prices book first annual contraction in a decade

World Economic Forum: Eurozone fell into recession in first quarter

European Central Bank: EU structural financial indicators: end of 2022

European Central Bank: Financial stability outlook remains fragile, ECB review finds


American Abortion Industry: Unaccountably Cheerled By The American Press

1:04:07 Yahoo! News: How one quiet Illinois college town became the symbol of abortion rights in America

AP: Maine expansion of abortion laws, which would be among the country’s broadest, passes committee

Saluting an ideological rainbow? June is Pride Month for The Department of the U.S. Air Force

Russia Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov:

Westerners say that everyone must respect 'the rules-based order'. According to these 'rules' the Russian language and Orthodoxy present a terrible threat to a world which wants to forget Christian values, Muslim values and the values of all world religions, replacing them with their 'rainbow practices'.