Queer Theory—The Attack on the Minds of Our Children: Kim Isherwood

In a frank and emotive interview, Kim Isherwood of Public Child Protection Wales (fundraiser here), who has previously given UK Column an interview, updates Brian Gerrish on the previously-covered progress of the PCP Wales campaign, including the results of this parental organisation's recent court challenges to the Welsh Government's new Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) syllabus. Isherwood passionately explains how and why very young children are being sexually groomed by the State and she discusses the wider background to the so-called ‘woke’ agenda, of which RSE is now part. 

PCP Wales is a not-for-profit organisation which came together in July 2020 and its current campaign, Education: Our Say, Our Way, is fighting to remove mandatory RSE from schools. The members of Public Child Protection Wales have worked tirelessly over two years to highlight to parents, grandparents and the public at large that children are under threat from Relationships and Sexuality Education now being given in schools in all four nations of the United Kingdom.

PCP Wales states:

In 2017 the UK governments [sic—meaning both Westminster and the devolved administrations] signed up to a global education that came from the World Health Association. The document claims children are sexual from birth and the matrix (from page 38) includes early childhood masturbation and exploring gender identities from age 0. An additional framework was implemented to replace the WHO document; this came from UNESCO 2018 document, Revised International Guidance on Sexuality Education.

So how does this link to the current RSE (Relationships and Sexuality Education)? RSE is a mandatory element of the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act 2021: educators are required to refer to the above UNESCO document for guidance. In addition, parents may have seen on your school website links to the United Nations/UNESCO and/or organisations such as Brooks or Stonewall.

As we see ever younger children demonstrating mental health and gender identity problems, this interview is an essential look into the malicious British state agenda attacking the minds of our children in plain sight. Kim Isherwood’s warnings need to be heard by every caring parent in the UK. Those officials responsible for the creation of the RSE agenda and its implementation in our schools, whose basis in United Nations philosophy rests on the most questionable foundations, should be held fully accountable for their damaging actions. 

Watch this vital UK Column interview to learn more about the need to protect our children from the UN, the UK state and their malicious Relationships and Sexuality Education agenda.