Exclusive: Sir Christopher Chope MP on vaccine adverse reactions and the need for compensation

On Tuesday 12 April 2022, the UK Column News team was delighted to be joined by Sir Christopher Chope for a detailed discussion about British Government plans to provide compensation for vaccine adverse reactions, particularly where the impact on a vaccinated individual has been serious and life-changing.

Sir Christopher had recently spoken out in Parliament on this subject and his remarks were covered by UK Column News on Monday 11 April 2022. Following our news report, we were delighted that many of our regular audience took the initiative to contact Sir Christopher directly with personal letters and e-mails of support. He was clearly very pleased to receive this support and recognition, and we thank you all for your efforts.

In our extended interview, Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish and our Nursing Correspondent, Debi Evans, were able to discuss a wide range of issues around vaccines and vaccine adverse effects. In addition to discussion of the need for a comprehensive compensation scheme for those who have suffered adverse effects, topics included:

  • irregularities in MHRA Yellow Card adverse reaction statistics and data;
  • failure of the British Government's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) to engage with both Sir Christopher, UK Column and members of the public asking pertinent questions concerning vaccine safety;
  • failure of the MHRA to provide any details of its investigation of vaccine adverse reactions and deaths;
  • failure of the British body with ultimate oversight for pharmacovigilance, the Commission for Human Medicines, to answer similar concerns;
  • concern over the MHRA's close relationship with pharmaceutical and vaccine companies, giving rise to specific concerns as to the MHRA's impartiality in its role as a public safety agency;
  • concerns over the reluctance of the Government and the media to question or challenge both vaccine policy and vaccine adverse effects;
  • the inappropriate use of 'fact-checking' organisations, such as FullFact, to undermine legitimate questioning of vaccine safety;
  • and the sinister implications of the imminent Online Safety Bill in its ability to shut down any challenges to the government line on vaccine products and vaccine safety issues.

Please join us in this very important discussion with Sir Christopher Chope MP, and please do share the information widely.

Your positive efforts in supporting Sir Christopher and the UK Column undoubtedly facilitated our interview taking place. We are sure that further, measured, positive support from UK Column paying subscribers and our wider audience can add substantial weight to the clear need to question the existing system of public safety in respect of vaccines, and can ensure that those suffering vaccine adverse effects are sufficiently compensated for damage incurred.