Honest Conversations—Charlet Crichton, UK CV Family

UK Column News has been following the lives of those who have suffered vaccine injuries after receiving a Covid–19 vaccination since the roll-out in 2021. Today, Debi Evans and Charlet Crichton have an honest conversation and a catch-up on what life is like in 2023 for those suffering vaccine damage.

Charlet, Caroline Pover and others set up UK CV Family Support Group to offer advice, practical help, kindness and friendship to UK residents who have been injured by Covid–19 vaccinations. We first interviewed Charlet and Caroline a year ago. When UK CV Family was set up two years ago, there were 400 members of the group. Today, there are 1,200, with more joining literally every day. Tragically, sometimes the numbers of the group go down, Charlet explains that for some, the fight and the pain is too much to bear and a few have decided to take their own lives.

How can UK CV Family help you? Do you feel alone? Do you know what to do next? What is a Yellow Card? What is the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) and how do you apply? Charlet takes us on the journey of what happens next and what to expect. With UK CV Family, you are never alone

In June 2023, the vaccine-injured are still struggling to access the help, answers and compensation for their injuries from the Government that they need and merit. Why? On this matter, UK Column interviewed Sir Christopher Chope MP, who has been speaking out in support of those with vaccine injuries, to ask him why Members of Parliament were not doing more.

UK CV Family not only offers support and advice to those with vaccine injuries; the group has also been actively campaigning for a change to Parliamentary Law with regard to VDPS. With only three years to apply and be accepted on the VDPS, time is running out for many of them. Accessing and affording legal help is often impossible for many.

UK CV Family has a sister group, UK CV Family Bereaved, run by Alex Kelly. Also, as a memorial to her mother, who died soon after receiving a Covid vaccination, Alex has set up the Covid Vaccine Injured and Bereaved Legal Fund. This is funded by donations and by those who wish to become patrons. You can become a patron for as little as £1 a month. The fund is a lifeline for those whose VDPS applications have been rejected and who need to appeal. A UK Column interview, You Are Not Alone, with consultant solicitor Peter Todd and Alex Kelly can be found here.

UK CV Family survives on the goodwill and love of others. The smallest of gestures mean so much; messages and offers of help are all gratefully received. The group is supported by Dr Christian Buckland, psychotherapist and counsellor, who has been with them from the start and represents the group at official meetings. Other offers of help from nurses, doctors, holistic healers, herbal medical practitioners and wellbeing experts have been accepted gratefully and with humility.

Blame has never been on the agenda at UK CV Family and Charlet is keen to point that out. The aim of the group has always to be to support others and to get recognition and help in order to rebuild their lives. As with everything, money is running out, with many group members living from their overdrafts after having used their savings just to survive or to access treatment. Donations to the group are received with huge gratitude and humility. If you would like to donate, please click here.

Continuing this honest conversation, Debi and Charlet address the elephant in the room: the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. Mainstream media would have us believe there is a divide. But what is the reality for those with vaccine injuries?

Navigating a multitude of agencies and appointments is a struggle for most healthy people, yet those with severe life-changing vaccine injuries are having to micromanage their own cases while having to deal with their own ever-changing, debilitating conditions.

As the weeks, months and years pass by, more and more appear to be suffering. Are you reading this and realising that you may be suffering from a vaccine injury, or do you know someone who has vaccine injuries, but are unaware of the existence of UK CV Family? Do you need help? Do you feel alone? Do you need a hug or a kind ear? If so, then UK CV Family is there for you and you need never feel alone again. Perhaps you are reading this and have expert skills that you could offer to the group.

One thing is for sure: anyone contacting UK CV Family will be met with open arms, kindness and always a smile. Honest conversations need to take place.